The Games


9. The Parade

Raphael looked at me when I got back.

"Ah, very beautiful, no?" he smiled. It was the sort of smile that Mother and Scarlett both had. It was fiery, passionate. There was something ignited behind his eyes. Hope.

That was a look that, when in the arena, I would never see again.

He showed me my dress. It was black with glittery rhinestones, representing the shimmer on our coal. The shoes were black and sparkly too.

Aiden came over to me, anxious about himself. He was wearing no top and black sparkly trousers and dress shoes. He worriedly grinned at me.

"I look weird don't I?" he laughed.

"No, you look like a crab." I said sarcastically. Panem humor. Terrible. But it's what they say, so I do.

"Hahahahahahahaha. You know I hate Panem humor." he raised his eyebrows.

I kissed him and then we walked over to the chariot. We were stopped by a beautiful lady.

"Hello, I'm Lesley your mentor. And you are one hot bit of meat." she said to Aiden.

"That may be true but this is my hot spicy side." he pointed to me. She glared at me.

"Well, that side doesn't look very appetising..."

"I don't care if it doesn't, to me it's scrumptious." he hugged me.

"Well, you get on the chariot," she pointed to me, "And you kiss me, or they'll have one less tribute in the games this year." she pointed to Aiden.

He kissed his three middle fingers and put them on her cheek. 

"There, happy now?" he questioned cockily. 

He then climbed on the chariot.

We went through the passage and people were cheering us on, although we all knew they wanted District 2 to win.

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