The Games


2. Ronnie Kate Mudds

I am Ronnie Kate Mudds. I'm 16 years old, and have white-blonde hair, blue eyes and I'm quite tall. Nothing interesting. My best friend Scarlett says that I'm actually really lucky for my looks, but looks aren't exactly going to get me a good job, unless I wanted to be a model or actress, but District 12 isn't a rich place. And besides, I was genetically altered. Aparrently I was going to be misformed, so Mother altered me to be better.

I'm against the games, so the reaping is horrible. Last year my friend Martha Nightingale was picked, and she died in 5 minutes of the games starting. Luckily the murderer was killed too.

OH DEAR GOD! Why am I constantly thinking violent thoughts. I an double cutting later then.

Oh, Mother just shouted me. She said something about 3 month old Peeta Mellark choking on cookies I think. I hope he's still alive, he was cute. He actually adores me.

I need to go now, Mother said that we need to visit him.

Love from,

                  Ronnie xxx


Hi peeps. I jut wanted to say that this is set 16 years before Katniss voulnteers for Prim. So she was just born, as you read. That makes this the time of the 58th Hunger Games. BAI!


        Rhiannonstories xxx




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