The Games


10. President Snow's Speech

As our carriage pulled up, President Snow stepped up from his chair. He had grey hair, a suit and red tie and was staring at me. He muttered to himself and then addressed the crowd.

"Hello Panem!" he said, even though everyone who was here was from the Capitol (except from the tributes) , definitely not all of Panem. Everyone else in Panem was sickened by the very thought of the games, but here its an event worth waiting for.

"As you know, these are our tributes. 23 are not going to live, 1 will be like a god or goddess to us, and will live in splendour 'til the day they die. They can be seen easily from the crowd now." He started to describe each one of us, like we were delicious meals that he just wanted to eat there and then.

"Jonny Epp, from district 1, is a heartthrob to the ladies. He is 18 years old. Sarah Stone, his fellow from 1 is 12 years old. She doesn't speak much though. Might aswell be an avox if I'm honest..." he carried on and then he got to Aiden.

"Aiden Post is 17 years old, and from District 12. Now, he beat up the late peacekeeper Cauzinep Liontel.He's quite well known..." he then stared at me. "Ahh, this girl is recognisable. Ronnie Mudds. She was raped by Cauzinep. If you remember this you'll remember her."

With that he sat back down and we turned to leave in our carriages.


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