The Games


8. Prep For The Parade

As you know, if I don't think that something is worth writing, I won't write it. So the next most important thing is the parade.

Do you know what I mean? It's where we dress up as whatever our district specialises in. So mine is coal and mining.

I met my stylist today,

"Hello dear. My name is Raphael, and I will be your stylist." he smiled at me. "But first we need to fix you up a little bit, no?"

I was transferred to three people, Glappini, Rosirie and Lorinto. They shoved me into a steaming bath, tutting at me. Glappini and Lorinto shaved my legs while Rosirie plucked at my eyebrows. They dunked my head under the water and Rosirie scratched at my head with a substance called shampoo, her nails digging into my scalp. The men were asking me questions about my washing, and that really annoyed me.

I was stood naked on the cold flagstones, while Rosirie pinned my hair in a plaited bun, and the men got rid of any last hairs on my face or body.


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