The Games


5. Admitting

I met Aiden the next day, right in the morning. I was to see Aludah at 5 o'clock.

"Hi." he blushed. "Are you like Scarlett?"

"What do you mean?"

"Aludah. She's obsessed with him. She's actually stalking him. Right now, at the bakery." he laughed.

"Um no. But we're seeing each other later." I said. It was awkward, knowing about my strange feelings towards Aiden, one of my best friends.

"Like a date or what?"

"Friends. I like another guy." I covered my mouth. GRRRR.

"Oh. Who?" he said, looking upset.

"You, Aiden. You." I said.

 His grin was enormous. "Really?".

Then he kissed me. His tounge entered my mouth, and I loved it. He bit my lip, and I groaned. He was obviously my boyfriend now.


"Yeh, baby."

"I love you soo much. Never leaveme.

"I won't baby."

It is a day until the reaping. Bye diary


         Ronnie xxx

Hi guys, sorry about the small chapter, but it was really just a bonus, cos I'm


Bye guys!

Rhiannonstories xxx

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