The Untold Story Of Alyson Monroe

From a very young age Alyson Monroe always knew she was different,that she didn't fit in.Alyson was always an extremely rebellious individual, she still is.
Since preschool Alyson would go out of her way to find a way around being thought of as a sweet and innocent person. Whether it be something as simple as not cleaning her room, or something as ridiculous as super gluing the teachers' lounge door shut. Alyson always found a way.
Well, that was until Alyson was seventeen. After loosing both of her parents to a drunk driver in a car crash Alyson realized that she was getting too old to be acting the same way that she acted as a child.
Alyson came to that decision five years ago. Alyson is now twenty-two years old, pregnant, and living with her best friend since primary school, James Lancaster.


1. Prologue

I woke up to the unbearable pain of a knife cutting into my left lower thigh. I shot up in my bed to see Mason. I broke into tears. "Why?" I screamed at him trying to push him off of me. He slammed his hand over my mouth causing my head to fly backwards. "Shut up now!" He muttered cutting deeper into my skin angrily. He laughed as he stared at the tears rolling down my face than landing onto my thin, blood soaked boxers. Mason lifted up the knife and slid one of the flat sides of the blade against my right cheek. "I told you that you would regret not killing that demon that you claim to be my child." He said as he slid the other side of the blade on my left cheek. He placed the knife onto my right lower thigh and began cutting into my skin.

I heard my front door open. I tensed up as I saw Masons' anger grow. "Make whoever it is go away. Now." Mason commanded in a low growl. Mason sat the knife on his lap before throwing me off of the bed. I let out a small whimper as I landed on the hard concrete floor. I forced myself off of the floor. Each step was more painful than the last. I eventually made my way into the living room. James was here. He threw my handbag on the floor and rushed to me. "What happened to you?" He asked, panicked.I pointed to my bedroom and whispered "Mason." James cursed, sitting me onto the couch gently.

James threw Mason across the living room. Mason grunted as he landed against the wall. James pinned him against the wall by his neck. "James. Stop. He isn't worth it!" I cried out. James dropped Mason. He sat on the couch and pulled me into his lap. I looked over at Mason. "Alyson. Just remember. You caused tonight." Mason muttered. He picked up his knife and slit his own throat. Dead. James called the police. The next thing I remember is waking up in a hospital bed the next morning.

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