The Untold Story Of Alyson Monroe

From a very young age Alyson Monroe always knew she was different,that she didn't fit in.Alyson was always an extremely rebellious individual, she still is.
Since preschool Alyson would go out of her way to find a way around being thought of as a sweet and innocent person. Whether it be something as simple as not cleaning her room, or something as ridiculous as super gluing the teachers' lounge door shut. Alyson always found a way.
Well, that was until Alyson was seventeen. After loosing both of her parents to a drunk driver in a car crash Alyson realized that she was getting too old to be acting the same way that she acted as a child.
Alyson came to that decision five years ago. Alyson is now twenty-two years old, pregnant, and living with her best friend since primary school, James Lancaster.


3. Chapter Two

After standing there for about five minutes I hung the hand towel back on the fridge and sat back down at the kitchen table. I picked up my bottle of prenatal vitamins and groaned before opening the bottle and grabbed one vitamin out of the bottle. After staring at the vitamin for a few minutes I picked the bottle back up. I crushed the vitamin with the bottle. I swallowed the,now powder, vitamin. James grabbed a book from off the top of the movie shelf in the living room and smiled at me. As he placed it on the table it was as if it was the most fragile thing he had ever held. I looked up at him confused. "What's that?" I asked. "The scrapbook my mom gave me for my eleventh birthday with pictures of us since we were like five." He replied. I pulled it to me and wiped the dust off of the cover. "Where did you find it?" He turns around and goes into the living room. He comes back with a big box of stuff from when we were younger. "My aunt dropped it off last night after you went to bed." I nodded and opened the scrapbook. James smiled and sat down beside me as we looked through the pictures. I stopped at a picture of James and I from when we were seven. We were wearing my moms' bras with makeup smeared all over our faces smiling wide. "Look at cute little Princess James,: I joked pointing at seven year old James as I laughed. James rolled his eyes. "I would rather look at Miss Alyson Monroe wearing her mommys' bra upside down." I busted out laughing. "Hey,I was starting a fashion trend...that didn't quite catch on...duh!" I retorted laughing. James chuckled and turned the page.
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