The Untold Story Of Alyson Monroe

From a very young age Alyson Monroe always knew she was different,that she didn't fit in.Alyson was always an extremely rebellious individual, she still is.
Since preschool Alyson would go out of her way to find a way around being thought of as a sweet and innocent person. Whether it be something as simple as not cleaning her room, or something as ridiculous as super gluing the teachers' lounge door shut. Alyson always found a way.
Well, that was until Alyson was seventeen. After loosing both of her parents to a drunk driver in a car crash Alyson realized that she was getting too old to be acting the same way that she acted as a child.
Alyson came to that decision five years ago. Alyson is now twenty-two years old, pregnant, and living with her best friend since primary school, James Lancaster.


4. Chapter Three

We continued looking at the pictures and picking at each other about them for about another half hour. After we had looked at all the pictures multiple times we decided to look through the box. Inside the box we found old toys,football jerseys,old CD's from artists we hadn't listen to since middle school and paint ball guns. I grabbed one of the guns and ran up to my room and locked the door throwing the gun on my bed in the process. I heard james running up the staircase to my door as I stripped off my clothes and replaced them with a black muscle shirt and black daisy dukes. James banged on my door. "Why is your door locked? I thought we were going to have a war?" James said concerned. I chuckled. "I'm changing clothes, loser!" I replied as I put on my black high tops and a black belt with rainbow studs on it. "Smart choice," he replied. I heard him walk to his room as I walked to my mirror. I threw my hair into a messy bun and drew on two battle stripes with my black liquid eyeliner. I grabbed my paintball gun off my bed and jogged to the front yard.James was already outside, playing on his phone. I shot his foot causing him to throw his phone. I burst out into laughter and hugged him. "I'm sorry JayJam," I said using the nickname I gave him in primary school. He laughed and hugged me back. "Any rules?" he asked after we stopped laughing. "Yes, if you shoot my belly I will shoot your unmentionables. Deal?" James chuckles nodding. "Deal AlyBug." We shook hands and separated. James went to the backyard and I threw the strap of my gun over my shoulder and climbed up the old oak tree beside the house. I then made my way onto the roof. "Ready?" I heard him yell. "Ready," I yelled back in response. I army crawled my way to the back part of my roof. I spotted James within matter of seconds. He was peeking around the corner of the house. I took the gun off my shoulder and balanced myself. I fired my first shot; left shoulder. Second shot;missed. Third shot; right calf. Last shot; left foot. He spotted me. I went all out until he looked like he was attacked by a skittle army. By the time we both ran out of ammo the house,James, the grass, and from my chest up looked like rainbow puke. I climbed off the roof with the gun over my shoulder. James was waiting at the edge of the roof with a ladder. After a little bit of convincing I finally talked James into giving me a piggyback ride to my bedroom. Once we both took showers it was five-thirty in the afternoon. I was laying on the couch in an oversized t-shirt and sweatpants when James finished his shower. I threw a pillow at him. He looked at me before picking the pillow up and sitting on the couch with me. He sat the pillow behind his back and closed his eyes for a few minutes.
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