The Untold Story Of Alyson Monroe

From a very young age Alyson Monroe always knew she was different,that she didn't fit in.Alyson was always an extremely rebellious individual, she still is.
Since preschool Alyson would go out of her way to find a way around being thought of as a sweet and innocent person. Whether it be something as simple as not cleaning her room, or something as ridiculous as super gluing the teachers' lounge door shut. Alyson always found a way.
Well, that was until Alyson was seventeen. After loosing both of her parents to a drunk driver in a car crash Alyson realized that she was getting too old to be acting the same way that she acted as a child.
Alyson came to that decision five years ago. Alyson is now twenty-two years old, pregnant, and living with her best friend since primary school, James Lancaster.


2. Chapter One

Two Months Later


I woke up to the extravagant smell of homemade blueberry muffins. I slowly rose out of my bed and wobbled to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and shed my pajamas. As I got into the shower I felt the amazing sensation of the warm water hitting my bare flesh. I looked down at my inflated stomach and sighed. I washed my hair and body then got out of the shower. As I wrapped my towel around my body I glanced at myself in my full length mirror and frowned. As I turned to walk to the bedroom I caught a glimpse of my scars on my lower thighs. I put on a black tee-shirt that had small hand prints with the caption "Let Me Out!" written under the hand prints along with my black jeggings. 

When I walked into the kitchen I saw that James was looking in the fridge for something. I quietly walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his waist hugging him from behind. He turned toward me and kissed mt forehead whispering a 'Good morning,darling.', and grabbed the orange juice out of the fridge smiling. I looked at the counter ans spotted the blueberry muffins. I walked to the cabinet and grabbed two mugs and a plate, handing one of the mugs to James, then grabbed  muffin and poured a mug of coffee and sat at the table. 

James smiles warmly at me and sits at the table with me. He pulls my chair toward him and props my legs on to his own.I giggled and bit into my muffin. James chuckled as I let out a long moan do to the satisfaction of the muffins' amazing taste dancing around on my tongue.I rolled my eyes as I sat down my muffin and took a sip of my coffee. "You made these?" I asked James gesturing to my half eaten muffin. I cocked an eyebrow at him. He chuckles as he gets up to put his plate and mug into the empty sink. "I might not know a lot, but I do know how to cook." Now it was my turn to chuckle. "How long have you have been up?" I asked looking around the spotless kitchen in awe. James shrugs "Maybe four hours?",he replied. I look at the microwave clock, one in the afternoon.

I finished my muffin and then washed the two mugs and two plates that were in the sink. I dried my hands on the hand towel handing on the fridge door and leaned against the counter admiring how well James cleaned while I was asleep this morning.

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