Blood of Olympus alternative ending


1. Jason's POV

Jason really thought that they were going to win.

Everything had seemed to be going in their favour. To the left of the battlefield you had Jason, Piper and Frank (who was some sort of bird) who were battling against a Scythian Dracaena that was advancing on them, and to be frank (no pun intended) they were winning. Piper was slashing away at the Dracaena with her sword, digging deep wounds into its gut and making it screech in pain as it stumbled back. Jason had taken this opportunity to deliver the final blow with his sword; sweeping it down in one solid strike against the Dracaena’s stomach, causing it to practically explode in a cloud of golden dust.

In the centre of the battlefield had been Percy and Annabeth who stood back to back with their respective weapons raised. Even from the distance Jason was to them, he had seen the almost deadly looks on both of their faces. If Jason hadn’t known the two of them, he would have been absolutely petrified, even if he was on the same side as them.

Now though…everything has changed.

What they hadn’t counted on, and they really should have, was the rising of Gaia. They all knew that Gaia would rise with the spilt blood of both Annabeth and Percy, so why the two of them had been allowed to fight side by side, Jason never knew.

He had just finished dicing up a drakon when he’d both heard and felt the rumble. The earth had shook; dirt shifting beneath Jason’s feet, snaking round his ankles, rooting him to the ground. He couldn’t move. In the middle of the battlefield, Percy lay on the ground shivering with some sort of large fang imbedded in his stomach, blood dripping on the ground. Annabeth was kneeling beside him, muttering to herself and stroking Percy’s hair. Jason just wanted to go them. To tell Percy that he’d be fine. That Jason wouldn’t let him die, especially not now. He never felt more useless.

There was a loud screeching sound, followed by an intense howling of the winds, and tearing his gaze away from the slowly dying Percy, Jason noticed that Percy’s blood trailed upon the dirt to where the mini storm seemed to be localised. Lumps and clumps of dirt began to raise up from the ground, piece and piece seemingly forming a figure. *Gaia*. The dirt moulded itself further as more clumps added themselves to the, admittedly attractive yet, grotesque figure. The dirt built up more and more around Gaia, making her larger and taller, and appear more like an oversized male hockey player with breasts.

There was a menacing and almost cruel laugh echoing its way through the battlefield, surrounding, not letting him escape. Not that Jason wanted to escape that is. All Jason wanted to do was help his friends, but that was hopeless. Especially with the strong dirt still wrapped around his legs in a vicelike grip.

Jason heard a loud yelp, and looking back up from where his gaze had been on the ground, Jason saw Nico Di Angelo sprawled upon the dirty ground grasping uselessly at the vinelike dirt that had wrapped itself around his legs and was dragging him down into a dark hole. If Jason didn’t know anybetter; he’d say that Nico Di Angelo was afraid of the dark, highly ironic considering just who Nico’s godly father.

Gaia made her cruel laugh once again, and staggered towards Jason. She opened her mouth with a sneer and sang in a mocking tone:

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,

To storm or fire, the world must fall,

An oath to keep with a final breath,

And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death’.

‘Dear me,’ she said, cruel tint to her voice, ‘it seems that you really haven’t succeeded in this quest, have you.’

She made a stop directly in front of Jason, and leaning down she raised a grotesque hand to his face. Her hands were more like claws, sharp twigs that acted as talons, scratching his face as she held it tighter. She laughed once more. He just wanted to punch her.

‘My my, I don’t really see how storm could ever make me fall. I wonder whether fire is much better’ she mused, eyes gleaming with pure joy.

She pulled her hands away sharply, with so much force that Jason fell backwards, and stalked away once more, ordering a few giants to go and fetch the ‘fire’. Leo.

Jason hated this; he just wanted this to end. They were supposed to win, to survive this war with victory and celebrate on the Argo II with ice-cream and pickles (an odd but surprisingly pleasing combination). But no, here he was; lying on the ground, in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Jason was brought out of his thoughts by a something falling to floor beside him. Something quite literally on fire.

‘Hey man!’ Leo said cheerily, patting down on his clothes, putting the fire out. Jason wondered how he could be as cheery as he was in this situation. Percy was dead, Nico was gods now where, and nobody had a single clue where Hazel was. Jason didn’t know whether to envy Leo, or to hit him round the head.

There was a snarl being them, as Gaia advanced once more, her minions crowding round behind her.

‘Go ahead,’ she whispered gleefully to her minions. Over dramatic much?

Jason didn’t have much more time to think before one hydra head shot out and clamped its jaws closed right where Leo’s head would have been. Wait, Leo? Where was Leo? Jason spun his head round frantically pulling at the dirt still encasing his foot. He spotted him crawling towards Piper, who was sitting beside Annabeth and Percy, cradling Annabeth in her arms. Jason didn’t know what to do. As it was, Jason’s vision was already going dark around the edges, shadows creeping in, making him grateful that he was already on the ground.

A multitude of monsters then charged upon the 5 of them, whilst more ran over the hill and towards the Roman and Greek Demigods who were waiting for the victory. The victory that would never come. Jason was certain that they had just sent both camps on a suicide mission, and that thought alone made a tear fall down his dirt streaked face.

There were shrieks and cries and as Jason finally managed to cut his way from the ground, he expected to see all his friends dead behind him. What he didn’t expect was to see both Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter advancing over the hills, monsters strewn at the ground before them, all lead by Hazel Levesque and surprise surprise, Nico Di Angelo. How he’d escaped from the hole in the ground Jason would never know, but now there was hope. Maybe, they could see a victory in the end. After all, they were all heroes of Olympus.

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