Bleeding The Truth

Hailey Smith was best friends with Luke Hemmings. He loved her, even though it was so wrong. Hailey loved him too, though she had a boyfriend. She would never even imagine hurting either of them, but when she cuts herself, even though Luke told her to stop. But she cant hide from the truth, when she bleeds the truth.


1. Living Life

Hailey's P.O.V

    I wake up at 3:00 am. Again. The constant tapping at my window is soooooo annoying. I stumble over to the window, half asleep. I open it and groan a inaudible 'what'. "You seem in a good mood." My boyfriend chuckles. I open my eyes and smile. "3 am, I looooovvveeee being woken up at 3am." I say, sarcastically. "Oh come on! Grab your hoodie, and where's you're sense of adventure?" Dan asks me. "Up my ass."  I reply, grabbing my hoodie. He grabs my hand and we jump out of my window.

    He leads me to his car. I jump in the front seat. I turn on the radio. "Nope." Dan says. " What?" I ask, pouting. "Were listing to the new CD I bought you. I gasp as Dan pulls an All Time Low CD. "NO WAY!!" I yell. "I love you, and, it and you!" I scream. "THANK YOU!!!" I yell. "WELCOMEEE!!!" He yells back at me. I laugh and press 'CD' on the car, and shove the CD in there. As the music plays we drive. By the time were done its 9am, and we head back, before Natalie gets worried. My older cousin is always worrying about me. We climb back up to my window and I open my drawers. and open my door, Dan following.


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