One Night at Freddy's: A Gravity Falls/Five Nights at Freddy's Crossover

Mabel and Dipper Pines both predicted very different things would occur with their thirteenth birthday. Mabel was expecting nothing short of amazing. Dipper just didn't want to spend his first day as a teen in a pizzeria. But when they go to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, they realize they are both in for a big surprise.


2. Chapter Two


Dipper glared at the approaching building. In big letters, the words "FREDDY FAZBEAR'S PIZZERIA" stood out on a filthy, once-white background. 

"Abandon hope, all ye who enter here," he muttered under his breath. 

"Oh, come on, bro bro. Don't be such a Debby Downer." 

Dipper frowned at her. 

"Now," Mrs. Pines began, "your dad and I have to work late. We won't even get off until about midnight. Your Aunt Jillian is going to stop by and pick you up and take you home. Just use the spare key to get in and go to bed, alright?" She turned into the parking lot and eyed them in the rearview mirror. 

"Yeah, okay," Dipper groaned, rolling out the car once it had halted. 

"Alright. Love you, Mom," Mabel replied cheerfully. She scooted out. "Race ya in, Dip!" she squealed, and with that, she broke into a run towards the building. 

Dipper trudged behind, in no rush to what he was certain would be the worst hours of his life. 


Soon, Dipper was sitting in front of a stage, awaiting the lame songs of The Fazbear Trio, the band that Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria was so very famed for. 

"Kill me now," Dipper whispered. 

"Oh, tell me about it."

He looked up to see a young blonde. "Anyone sitting there?" she questioned, pointing at the seat to the right of him. 


The girl plopped down in it. "Daniel decided to ruin my life and drag me here."

"I know that feeling. It was Mabel's turn to choose where we go, and here we are, having the most horrible birthday ever..."

"So you have a twin too? I mean, based on the 'Turn-to-choose-birthday' thing."

"Yeah. She's somewhere over there." Dipper looked up towards the stage and groaned when he caught sight of his sister. "Yup. Climbing Bonnie... I'm going to laugh so hard if she falls."

The kid chuckled. "See the boy talking to her? That's my brother. Daniel."

"I'm Dipper."



Mabel carefully climbed higher and stuck her foot in a bare place in Bonnie's back. She hoisted herself high and bopped the top of her long, purple ears. "HA! I told you I could get to the top!" She grinned a grin large enough that she could easily be confused as the Cheshire Cat. 

She hopped off Bonnie Bunny and stuck her hand out to the boy. "I'm Mabel. You got a name?"


Mabel giggled and said, "Nice to meet you, Yeah."

"Nooo. My name is Daniel. Dan. Yel."

Mabel nodded and fixed her pink Birthday Girl pin on her sweater.

"Whoa..." Daniel whispered in awe. "It's your birthday too?"


"Mine too! My sister and I just turned ten!" He found Danielle sitting in the crowd, and he pointed at her. "Over there. That's Danielle. Talking to the boy in the stupid vest."

"Oh, that's my brother, Dipper."

"Like the stars?"

"Yeah." She skipped over and sat next to her brother while Daniel sat next to her. 

"You're not wearing the pin," Mabel whispered to Dipper, frowning.

"I don't wan-" 

Dipper was interrupted when Mabel screamed, "SHUSH! THEY'RE ABOUT TO START!"

In sync, Dipper and Danielle leaned back in their seats and groaned. Dipper watched the performance rather unwillingly, but something caught his eye. 

Something... unnerving…

Bonnie didn't take her eyes off Mabel. She was staring. 

No, not staring. That's too kind. 

She was... glaring...


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