One Night at Freddy's: A Gravity Falls/Five Nights at Freddy's Crossover

Mabel and Dipper Pines both predicted very different things would occur with their thirteenth birthday. Mabel was expecting nothing short of amazing. Dipper just didn't want to spend his first day as a teen in a pizzeria. But when they go to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, they realize they are both in for a big surprise.


12. Chapter Twelve


Side by side, Mabel and Danielle left the supply closet. They wandered rather aimlessly down the hall. 

"So what's the plan?"

"To survive," Danielle answered tersely.

"And how do we do that?"

"I don't know. We wing it. But we have to stick together. Two heads are better than one."

They found themselves in the dining room. Mabel gasped and pulled Danielle under a table with her. 


"Shh. I thought I heard something."

They stayed crouched below the table, staring at chewed wads of gum stuck under it. 

Chica made her way inside the dining room and stopped right in front of Mabel and Danielle; they held their breath. Neither wanted to make a sound. Even the slightest sound could mean death for both. 

Chica soon left, and the girls relaxed, exhaling their deep breaths. 

Mabel climbed out from the table, and Danielle followed. "We make a good team."

"Yeah. Yeah, we do." 

The girls continued along for a little while when Danielle stopped dead in her tracks. "Is there anywhere else we can go? Anywhere else?"

"Well, the whole pizzeria. Why?"

"That room" - she pointed - "is where I found-"

Mabel cut her off with an "Alright. We'll find somewhere else." She understood why Danielle wanted to avoid passing the room where she'd last seen her brother. 

Without any warning, the door to the room opened. The girls' hearts skipped a beat. "Run!" Danielle screamed, grabbing Mabel's hand and pulling her. 

Danielle looked back and saw an animatronic following after them. "It's a lamb. I've never seen a lamb here before. Why would they have a lamb?"

"A new attraction maybe? Something to bring in new customers and save the failing business." Mabel pondered for a second. How did she even know it was failing? She soon recalled her brother's extensive research on Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. Some must have rubbed off on her. 

That must have been it, yes. She also remembered a ton of accidents that had occurred there. She could hear Dipper's voice with such clarity. "That place is dangerous. I don't want to go."

She wished she had listened. She shouldn't have insisted. He would have been okay if it wasn't for her dragging him there. 

Danielle pulled her out of her somber thoughts. "It's slow. We can outrun it."

"I don't have to outrun it," Mabel joked in response. "I just have to outrun you." She was used to having a cheery mask on while her heart cried many layers beneath. Hiding sadness came naturally to her. 

"Haha..." She didn't seem to appreciate the joke. "No, seriously though. We just need to avoid it, and maybe it will get distracted."


They made a U-turn around, dodging the animatronic and heading down that hallway. The lamb followed behind. 

"Uh oh..." they said in unison as they neared a dead end. Danielle pulled Mabel into a nearby room.

"It's okay, Mabel. They usually don't chase you into rooms. Th-"

The door opened, and the lamb stepped in with the great speed of a turtle. 

Danielle and Mabel pushed against a set of wall. Was this the end? Were they going to die already? They couldn't. They just couldn't. 

They squeezed their eyes shut waiting for the worst. 

That's why they were so very surprised when all that happened was a single raspy word. 



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