One Night at Freddy's: A Gravity Falls/Five Nights at Freddy's Crossover

Mabel and Dipper Pines both predicted very different things would occur with their thirteenth birthday. Mabel was expecting nothing short of amazing. Dipper just didn't want to spend his first day as a teen in a pizzeria. But when they go to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, they realize they are both in for a big surprise.


3. Chapter Three


An hour and a half later, the Pines twins and their new comrades were in the dining room. Dipper pushed his plate away and muttered something about being too full. 

Danielle stood and left, but it didn't take Sherlock Holmes to know she was heading towards the bathroom. Who wouldn't after chugging ten lemonades? 

Daniel grinned. "Wanna sneak behind her and scare her?"

Dipper, being both too full to move and too unwilling to partake in what he believed to be a silly childish idea, shook his head. Mabel was about to say yes, but something in her said not to. She quickly conceived a lie. "Nah. I need to watch Dipper. You go on ahead."

"You don't need to watch over me," Dipper stated as soon as Daniel had stalked off after his sister. 

"I know. I just didn't want to do that."

Dipper raised an eyebrow. "You lied? You, of all people?"

Mabel shrugged it off. Though inside, she felt like something was wrong with her. She wasn't the lying type. Whenever she told a story, her stomach churned, and guilt ate her away.

So why didn't she feel anything other than nervous?

She thought about mentioning to Dipper the fact that she felt like there was someone watching her every move. She ignored this idea as soon as it poked its way in her mind though. Dipper had only recently stopped his little conspiracy stuff that had come from spending that amazing summer in Gravity Falls with their Grunkle Stan. Even after the two had returned to Piedmont, land of the normal, Dipper began to question the validity of everything around him. 



"Are you sure they're okay?" Dipper asked forty-five minutes later, when neither Danielle nor Daniel had returned. 

"Of course. What's the worst that could have happened to them?"

"Some one could have kidnapped them," he replied. 

He had done his research on Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, and what he found wasn't exactly pretty. Aside from the infamous Bite of '87, there was the incident of the five murdered children, kidnapped by a Freddy impostor. The thought of this troubled Dipper. He wasn't too attached to the kids, but that didn't mean he wanted them hurt. Or worse. 


"Don't be so depressing, Dipper," Mabel griped. 

"Wanna look for them?" he asked, ignoring her complaint entirely. 

"What? Didn't you just say they could be kidnapped? That sounds-"

"We've fought zombies. We can handle ourselves in a pizzeria, don't you think?"

"I don't know about this… I mean..." Somehow the thought of wandering a pizzeria alone wasn’t that appealing. Especially with the feeling of being watched settling on her.

"Come on. Please. I'll... I'll let you braid my hair." He was getting desperate, and if having his first real adventure since that summer in Gravity Falls meant taking a trip on the Braid Train, so be it. 

Mabel mulled this over a moment - in the meantime, Dipper was pelted with a few foam footballs some boys were throwing around - before she said, "Let's do it."


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