One Night at Freddy's: A Gravity Falls/Five Nights at Freddy's Crossover

Mabel and Dipper Pines both predicted very different things would occur with their thirteenth birthday. Mabel was expecting nothing short of amazing. Dipper just didn't want to spend his first day as a teen in a pizzeria. But when they go to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, they realize they are both in for a big surprise.


13. Chapter Thirteen


Shock was the first thing to register for the both of them. Then the gears in Mabel's head clicked together. She knew that voice. Oh, she knew it. That was the voice that Mabel teased for cracking. That she made laugh by randomly tickling. She'd spent all her life with that voice. 


"Yes. I need your help. I can't get out of this thing."

Mabel cracked her brown eyes open and took a second look at him in the suit. In normal circumstances, she would have mocked him about the coincidence of being stuck in a lamb, and how she wouldn't help until he did the Lamby Lamby Dance. 

But these were most definitely not normal circumstances. 

"Please," he asked again. 

Danielle, who had picked up on the hurt in his voice, said, "Alright. Can you lay on the ground or something to make it easier?"

"I'll try." 

He slowly crouched down. Tiny, quiet cries of pain could be heard, though it was obvious Dipper was trying to conceal them and seem tougher than he actually was. This troubled both the girls. How'd he get in there? And why was he in so much pain? How... How injured was he exactly?

When he eventually got down, he whimpered slightly. "Just... be careful," he whispered. 

Danielle gulped and nodded. She pulled gingerly on the head of the suit. When she got it off, she saw Mabel, out of the corner of her eyes, set a hand over her mouth. 

It was apparent Dipper was seriously injured. His face had tons of tiny cuts, as well as a few much less minor ones. There was a small gash in the top of his head from a nail he had somewhat avoided in the center of the suit's head. 

"Dipper! What happened?!"

"Foxy happened. He's crazy!”

“Foxy?” She recalled the day last summer their friend finally managed to wangle a date at a pizzeria, and ultimately doomed them all. “Seriously though, what are the odds of meeting two evil sets of animatronics in sch a sort amount of time?”

Dipper ignored her and continued, “He tried to stuff me in here; I managed to avoid some of the beams to keep myself from getting too hurt. But... some things weren't as easily avoidable as others..."

"We'll get you out. I promise."

Mabel grabbed him under the armpits and pulled lightly. She hated his wincing. She was being as gentle as humanly possible, yet he acted as though she was yanking him around like a rag doll. What troubled her the most was the sudden realization that her brother was really that... fragile…

She managed to dislodge him past the shoulders enough for him to pull his arms out and help himself out. His right arm, aside from numerous cuts and scrapes, but his left arm was one injury away from being able to be classified as mangled. Not only were the scrapes deeper and uglier than the other arm had, but there was a literal chunk missing from it. Mabel recalled the blood residing around Foxy's mouth.

"Did it bite you?"

"Yeah. Insane thing has biting issues. At least I still have my brain though. That’s something."

"Is that bone?"

Mabel took a closer look and realized that Danielle was indeed correct. His bone was showing. She tore her sweater sleeve off and tied it around it. She knew neither she nor Dipper would be able to stomach the sight of that for too long. 

Now that his arms were free, Dipper was able to help himself out, but Danielle and Mabel still decided to continue to assist. 

Once he was more than half out and able to sit up, it was noted by the girls that his red shirt was stained in some areas with a different shade of red. It was only then when they realized how pale he was. How much blood had he lost?

"We're almost there. Just a little more."

His forehead gleamed with sweat. Was it really that hard for him to just pull himself out a suit? Mabel was growing increasingly worried. These were just the abrasions she could see. She couldn't imagine how bad it was beneath the clothes. 

She and Danielle got him out the rest of the way. "Your leg!" Danielle exclaimed. 

His leg was pointing in an odd angle and bruised, and they all knew that it was broken. If not broken, fractured at the very least. 

"Doesn't that hurt?" Danielle implored nervously. 

"Everything hurts," he replied with a grimace. It was absolute torture for Mabel to see him like this, but the real torment found its source at knowing she could do nothing to make him stop hurting. She was just as helpless as he was.

"One more thing." Dipper requested, "Could you help me up?" 

"What? You aren't going anywhere like that."

"We can't stay here long. The others... Look, I barely lived being stuffed into that thing. And even so, just... look at me... I'm a wreck. They'll find us if we camp out here forever. We need to move."

"And how are you going to do that? I don't know much about bones, but I know you can't walk like that. Where would we be if one of them attacked?"

"You two could help me. Support me." 

As much as Mabel was displeased with Dipper's current condition, he felt much worse. Adding on to his physical pain, he had the emotional distress that came with knowing he was burdening the others. He was endangering their lives.

The girls exchanged glances and helped Dipper up. He leaned against the wall, dizzy. The edges of his vision fuzzed. He nearly lost his balance and collapsed on top of Danielle, but he stopped himself. 

"You need to rest, bro bro," said Mabel.

"No. I can't."


"I won't be able to. I can't even sleep with a stomach ache. Let alone... this... Let's just go."

Mabel pursed her lips together until they were a paper thin white line. She sighed and put his arm around her shoulder. "Let's go..."

Dipper put his arm around them for support, and they began to make their way out the room slowly. 

They immediately ran into trouble, and her name was Bonnie.


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