One Night at Freddy's: A Gravity Falls/Five Nights at Freddy's Crossover

Mabel and Dipper Pines both predicted very different things would occur with their thirteenth birthday. Mabel was expecting nothing short of amazing. Dipper just didn't want to spend his first day as a teen in a pizzeria. But when they go to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, they realize they are both in for a big surprise.


18. Chapter Eighteen


When Dipper did eventually come to, he hadn't a clue where he was or what happened. Then everything came back and punched him in the face. He groaned. 

"You're up."

He turned his head towards the voice and saw Mabel sitting in a chair next to him. She was fiddling with a brace around her ankle. "You know, the next time you decide to faint, try and aim the other direction. You screwed up my ankle."

"Sorry, Mabes. I didn't mean to."

"It's okay. I know you didn't. I was just joking."

"Where are we anyway?" he questioned, dazed.

"The hospital."

"That explains why everything reeks of disinfectant."

"Yeah. How're you feeling?"

"A bit better, I guess."

"According to Doctor Alex, you have three fractured ribs. And about bleventeen stitches. And a snapped tibia. And then there's the whole arm-missing-a-chunk bit. But don't worry about that. They have some skin graft thing or whatever planned."

Dipper huffed in response. He wasn’t looking forward to the near future, where he would be adorned with more bandages than a mummy. He imagined Mabel pestering him to let her bedazzle it in sparkly pink gems, and he frowned.

"But Doctor Mabel says you just got a case of the grumpy grumps." She poked him in the forehead. "Boop."

He sighed softly and forced a smile. 

"Aunt Jillian sent her apologies for not picking us up. Uncle Justin fell off the roof. She forgot to pick us up. Mom and Dad didn't know we were still there until about one-thirty when they got home."

"Is Uncle Justin okay?"

"Yeah. He's fine now. Better off than you. Sooome people" - she poked Dipper again - "just can't keep their bones inside their bodies."

Dipper laughed (hiding any indication of the pain that caused him). "My bad."

"Also Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria is being shut down. Effective immediately. There have been six people go missing there just this month. Plus us."

"Took 'em long enough to realize something was up."

"I know, right?

"So what do they think happened to me?"

"Whaddya mean, Dippin' Dot?"

"Well, you didn't actually tell everyone we were attacked by demonic animatronics, did you? We’ll sound crazy."

"No, of course, I didn’t," Mabel answered, "I just said I didn't know what happened. I said that you said you couldn't remember."

"So amnesia then? That's what we're going with?"

"It's all I could think of." Mabel yawned, forcing Dipper to do the same. 


"Yeah. A bit. I woke up early yesterday. And all the Mabel Juice has worn off by now." She yawned a second time and held her head up with her hands

Dipper smiled and scooted over. He patted the hospital bed. No way was he going to let his sister sleep in a plastic-wrapped chair that squeaked angrily with every movement she made.

Mabel climbed onto the bed and laid on top of the covers. She closed her eyes.

"Sleep well, sis." 

"You too, bro."

Dipper grinned slightly and began to drift to sleep, glad that he and his sister were safe once more. 


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