What's the answer?

Maci Hayewood is 30 years old and having some hard decisions to make. She has been with her husband, Austin since she was 14 and has two daughters, 15 year old Skylar who's goin through teenage drama of her own and 9 year old Autumn. She discovers her 3rd pregnancy, her 14 year old sisters 1st pregnancy and her 35 year old brothers mid life crisis leading him to leave his wife and kids. Will any of Maci's decisions get a yes or no answer or will the answer be unclear?


18. What's the answer?

I've made my decision. The answer I've chosen is in my mind.

Yes. I can do it. It would be unfair to the girls but Austin wants it and I'm pretty sure that I'll adjust to it to. I suppose that it won't out all of my career jumps back, I can still promote stores and go and find store spaces myself and it won't effect anything until the whole thing is over. I guess I should say whats the matter, I'm pregnant. At first I didn't want it at all but I guess I've adjusted over time and accepted what's going on. Skylar and Autumn won't really like it, Skylar definitely but she's leaving home soon for college and no doubt she will move on with Tyler when she's done with her courses so that's my answer. Yes. 

As for family drama, Luke's home got his job back and is rebuilding his relationship with his wife and kids, Riley's business is thriving and her boyfriend and daughter are doing well, Tom's finishing college soon and is opening a practise in Asheville and Ashlyn and Scott broke it of so it was a good idea to abort her baby and she moved over to LA for the summer to get experience in beauty with Riley. 

Austin, Skylar, Autumn and I all went to stay in our newly purchased Malibu beach house for the summer and I had my first few scans and im having another girl who we are calling Polly Rose. The Hayewood family is striving in success which is pretty great, I'm currently 20 weeks and am due in 20 weeks which sounds close when I put it like that and doesn't feel like another 4 months. 

Im happy my mind is made up and I didn't make a stupid decision that would effect my family. 

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