What's the answer?

Maci Hayewood is 30 years old and having some hard decisions to make. She has been with her husband, Austin since she was 14 and has two daughters, 15 year old Skylar who's goin through teenage drama of her own and 9 year old Autumn. She discovers her 3rd pregnancy, her 14 year old sisters 1st pregnancy and her 35 year old brothers mid life crisis leading him to leave his wife and kids. Will any of Maci's decisions get a yes or no answer or will the answer be unclear?


3. Skylar's Story

I'm Skylar Ella Hayewood and I'm 15 years old. I was born in Asheville , North Carolina in 1999 to Maci Bentley and Austin Hayewood. I was born when my parents were my age and it must have been hard for them but they persevered and completed high school, even taking me along to college with them, mom studying business and dad studying law at Harvard. They married on 21st June 2004 when I was 5 years old and my sister, Autumn came along after I turned 6 which was something that made me happy at the time but now I wish I was an only child. Mom and dad have always done there best to raise me with them being teenagers but there's always been secrets hidden from me recently and I always feel like there about me because they both disapprove of my boyfriend, Tyler as they feel like he will lead me astray. We moved from Asheville, NC to Green Sea, SC when I was 9 which meant leaving family and old friends behind but if we didn't move mom's business wouldn't have hit of. We haven't moved that far away but its still hard as I miss old friends. I have a feeling mom is hiding something from me and dad, but I cant get my finger around what it is and I'm hoping it won't effect the family like an affair or something.  

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