What's the answer?

Maci Hayewood is 30 years old and having some hard decisions to make. She has been with her husband, Austin since she was 14 and has two daughters, 15 year old Skylar who's goin through teenage drama of her own and 9 year old Autumn. She discovers her 3rd pregnancy, her 14 year old sisters 1st pregnancy and her 35 year old brothers mid life crisis leading him to leave his wife and kids. Will any of Maci's decisions get a yes or no answer or will the answer be unclear?


16. Skylar

Im going to Charlotte with mom today and she's been acting like her normal self. Before when she was acting weird, she shouted for the first time in years, she cryed so much and her and dad argued so much, she just wasn't herself but shes back. I love journeys with mom because we can talk least to heart, even if I ignore her lectures on abstinence because she doesn't want me to end up like her and getting good grades, its also an excuse to get out of the house and away from Autumn and Green Sea in general. I've been thinking, and when I'm 16 I want to move back to Asheville or go to Whiteville, or even leave Carolina for good and explore the US and see places like LA, Florida, Texas and of course take Tyler along with me I'm thinking of applying to go to Gainesville, Cookeville or even Colombia as my college options as they are pretty far away, with them being in Florida, Tennessee and New York. Were staying in Charlotte overnight to promote moms new store which will be great as we can go out shopping when the promotings done. Im hoping that my aunt Ashlyn's visit may have fixed mom and made her feel better about herself , besides she's got me to keep her company and to talk to about her feelings.


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