What's the answer?

Maci Hayewood is 30 years old and having some hard decisions to make. She has been with her husband, Austin since she was 14 and has two daughters, 15 year old Skylar who's goin through teenage drama of her own and 9 year old Autumn. She discovers her 3rd pregnancy, her 14 year old sisters 1st pregnancy and her 35 year old brothers mid life crisis leading him to leave his wife and kids. Will any of Maci's decisions get a yes or no answer or will the answer be unclear?


2. Austin's Story

I'm Austin Hayewood and I'm 30 years old from Asheville, North Carolina. I was born on 5th February 1984 to Karen and Bruce Hayewood into a family of just 2 children at the time, me being the eldest. The 2nd born was my sister, Kate who's 28 and lives in Florida with her husband and son and the youngest is my brother, Ashton who's 19 and who my mom and dad call 'the accident'. I met my wife Maci when we were both 14 and it was a whirlwind romance that's for sure as our daughter, Skylar was born a year later. I decided I wanted to be a lawyer after Skylar's birth so worked to graduating high school and getting into Harvard Law which I succeeded in and Maci came with Skylar to Harvard to study business. We got married in 2004 when we graduated and our daughter, Autumn came along. In 2008, Maci's fashion business hit of and we moved to Green Sea, South Carolina to open another store. We've spent half our lives together and I hope that we will spend the rest of our life the same way but Maci has been acting weird lately and I'm wondering why? 

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