Never less than perfect

A buffy fanfiction i wrote awhile back, it supports the Faith/Buffy ship.

This story is about what could have happened in between the scenes we see on screen in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer tv series.


3. To much to soon?

 Surprise was what was running through Faith’s mind, she hadn’t expected anything like this ever to happen though there was always a tension between them and it wasn’t like this had never crossed her mind before but Buffy making the first move, nope, never even entered her thoughts. Plus she generally considered herself a straight gal yet this felt right. She hadn’t taken Buffy for the type to seek pleasure with the same gender even for fun.

 Faith found herself physically comfortable around everyone, guys and girls, so being pushed up against Buffy by that fire blast hadn’t felt unusual and she definitely hadn’t seen this coming but it felt good so why not she asked herself.

 Buffy felt as if she were melting and her thoughts were not thoughts even, just a rush of feeling. Something had clicked in her.  She just wanted this suddenly and that was all she knew; the future didn’t matter for once just the present and the need in her body and the butterflies or rather bats fluttering around her stomach.

 The brunette ran her hands back up over Buffy’s sides to her shoulders then tugged off her hat wanting to feel that silky blonde hair between her fingers. A slight shiver went through the smaller girl who pulled her closer. The hat landed silently on the ground.

 Their kisses became deeper and Buffy’s lips parted in invitation. Faith let her tongue roam forward, she felt confident knowing she herself was an excellent kisser. She let the tip run along the other slayer’s teeth teasing slightly but the want was too much to keep it up for long. Pressing the smaller girl back with a strength that would have hurt most people she let her tongue twine with Buffy’s. The pleasure almost made her knee’s buckle and her stomach turn cartwheels. She was taken aback but didn’t pull away, no one’s kiss, ever, had made that happen. She felt the blonde girl sag slightly at the same time and realized she was having the same effect on Buffy. Maybe this is what it is like to kiss one of your own kind or maybe it was just Buffy.

 The blonde slayer tensed her legs keeping herself upright and though there was no air between them she slid a hand down Faith’s back, the well-defined muscles tensing under her palm and crushed her closer still, her own back pressed against the rough stone wall behind her, another person would have been uncomfortable but she didn’t even notice. The need in her body was overwhelming, it throbbed through her veins. Buffy pressed her mouth harder to Faith’s needing to feel her. The taller girl responded readily, plunging deeper into her mouth, exploring everything, her hands wandering the blonde slayer’s body. Their breathing became faster for lack of air but neither wanted to pull away. Is this what it should feel like? This feeling of complete wildness and freedom that Buffy knew she had never felt before. She let her hands roam down Faith’s body wanting to know every curve and hollow. A sudden gust of wind whipped Faith’s hair across her face as Buffy’s lips moved along her jaw. The smaller girl let her finger’s graze the brunette’s thighs, gliding over the smooth black leather feeling the taut muscles tense under her hands, then slide around to cup the other girl’s behind.

  Faith pushed her whole body against Buffy’s, relishing the feel of the smaller slayer’s body so tight to her own, discovering curves she had never known were there with delight. Her own body was humming with desire; fire raced under her skin and her thought’s started to focus lower.

 Faith kissed down the blonde’s throat, pushing her hoodie open to bite that sensitive skin where her neck joined her shoulder. Buffy rested one hand on the small of Faith’s back the other running through her dark hair, appreciating its unruly wildness, her head was thrown back blonde strands catching on the rough stone behind her. Faith’s lips and teeth on her skin were like little electric shocks going straight to her core, a moan escaped her lips and she pulled Faith’s mouth back to her own. The brunette ran her tongue along the smaller girl’s lower lip and sucked at it, her hands moving slowly down over tight abdominals and then Buffy froze. Faith immediately stopped her hands’ descent worried she’d pushed too far, but frustrated too, where else had Buffy expected this to go? “What’s wrong?”

 Faith asked pulling back reluctantly; she cupped one hand around the other girl’s cheek concerned at her troubled expression. “It’s nothing, I’m fine.” “You don’t look fine, tell me.” Hazel eyes met brown ones a little desperately, Buffy’s fingers rested lightly on the brunette’s waist. A crisp packet rustled down the alleyway, a car horn beeped in the distance.

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