Never less than perfect

A buffy fanfiction i wrote awhile back, it supports the Faith/Buffy ship.

This story is about what could have happened in between the scenes we see on screen in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer tv series.


2. Suprise

 Willow, Oz, Xander and Cordelia had been sitting around a table in the Bronze debating whether Buffy had a secret boyfriend or not when the slayer herself appeared.

  "Tell you what?” The blonde girl asked looking between Xander and Willow, having just heard the end of Xander’s sentence. “About your new boyfriend who we made up; unless we didn’t…” The red haired girl replied honestly. Buffy’s eyebrows rose. “This was a topic of discussion?” Willow glanced at her boyfriend Oz. “Well, raised but never discussed.” The lead guitar said. “So…” Chimed in Cordelia, “Are you dating somebody or not?”  The slayer raised her eyes to the ceiling half smiling before answering. “Wouldn’t use the word dating but I am going out with somebody, tonight as a matter of fact.” Willow’s eyes were like saucers. “Really? Who?”

 Faith appeared then. “Yeah, what’s up?” The dark haired slayer rested an elbow on Xander’s shoulder who was sitting closest. “Time to moter-vate.” She punched Buffy gently on the arm. Buffy slung an arm around Faith’s shoulders. “Really, we’re just good friends.” The blonde reassured the others. Then the slayers turned and left, heading out the club towards the cemetery.

 The sky was dark and probably filled with millions of stars but the street lamps made it hard to see many, if any at all. Buffy and Faith turned left outside the Bronze, Faith shrugging on a dark denim jacket and Buffy having zipped up her hoodie settling her black hat over her fair hair. “So, couple slaying tonight then, should be fun.” The dark haired slayer remarked as they moved down the silent street. Buffy smirked at Faith’s phrasing. “Yup, sticking pointy wooden sticks into blood sucking demons with really bad skin is always fun.” Faith shook her head. “I know you have a good time kicking demon ass and don’t even try to deny it.” “I won’t.” Buffy replied truthfully. Faith eyed the other girl doubtfully unsure she had heard right but the blonde slayer just continued walking as if she hadn’t just admitted something she’d been denying since day one. Faith shook her head to herself, that girl really was a mystery sometimes.

 The alleyway was quiet, security lights creating pools of sickly yellow in the murky shadows. Buffy sighed wishing for something to stake since she had bothered to come out here instead of staying at the Bronze with her friends, at least slaying as somewhat more interesting since Faith had arrived, someone to talk to instead of talking to herself. “…and then that vamp last night...” The dark haired slayer was saying. “Man I don’t think I’ve seen such a tiny one, I mean I know short people can be turned but it just doesn’t seem right. You know what I’m sayin?” Buffy shrugged, glancing up at the taller girl. “Kinda, sure small vamps aren’t all that common if you think about it daddy vamp want’s his baby to be strong and deadly, though that doesn’t really work either because you know all vamps have extra strength.” Faith rolled her stake between her fingers. “Yeah and then…” Something hurtled out of the darkness taking both slayers by surprise. The demon, because vampires did not have horns, knocked Faith bodily across the alley into the far wall.  Its next blow knocked Buffy back but instead of falling she turned a backflip kicking the creature in the face as she went over causing it to stumble. Now Faith was on her feet again and jumping up onto its back trying to get a grip on its head to break its neck since its hide was obviously too thick to pierce with a stake and if it weren’t for those damn spikes on its jaw she’d have cracked it like a twig by now. The demon let out a high pitched squeal.

 Buffy’s eyebrows shot up at such a laughable noise coming from such a massive demon. “Hey B, a lil’ help here?” The blonde girl shook her head and charged. Two solid punches to the diagram hardly moved it; she kneed it viciously between the legs, now that worked. It crumpled to a kneeling position letting out another squeal and Faith finally managed to a get a grip on its head and jaw and twisted sharply. Neck broken it fell face first to the ground. Faith leapt clear and landed before Buffy raising her hand for a high five. Buffy couldn’t help but smile and reached up to return it. They hadn’t noticed the demon’s body smouldering behind Faith and now it exploded in a rush of air and fire slamming Faith forwards and Buffy backwards against the wall, knocking the breath out of both of them. Faith put out her hands preventing herself from crushing the smaller against the rough stone. “Well, that’s never happened before.” Buffy said trying to get her breath back she raised her eyes to Faith’s just inches from her own. “You can say that again.” The brunette replied her voice throaty. Neither of them moved for a moment, both attempting to get their strength back, the blast having knocked more from them then the live demon ever could have. The slight smell of acid drifted to them, Buffy wrinkled her nose. “Ugh! Talk about spoiling the effect.” Faith chuckled; the smaller slayer could feel the brunette’s stomach muscles tightening through her thin tank top as she laughed.  

  Suddenly she was all too aware of her of how close they were, Faith’s legs, hips, stomach and breasts all pressed much too tightly against her own body. Faith hadn’t removed her hands from the wall on either side of Buffy’s head and she could feel her breath on her face. It smelled of mint, the chewing gum Buffy had given her earlier. The brunette stilled sensing the tension in the blonde’s body. “What is it? Is there another one of those demons?” There was a pause. “No.” Buffy replied slowly glancing from Faith’s eyes to her lips, full and coated in the taller slayer’s trademark dark red, and back up again wondering if the other slayer was as aware of her and the lack of space between them. Confusion swirled around her head, she liked guys, hell she really liked them but this was singular, different. Her stomach tightened but in a pleasant way and then without thinking about what she was going to do, just knowing what she wanted, she leant in and pressed her lips softly to Faith’s. Brown eyes widened for a moment then closed as the taller slayer responded tentatively, Buffy was surprised never thinking the other girl would be anything but sure of herself. Faith moved her hands from the wall to Buffy’s face, cupping it in both hands feeling the delicate line of her jaw and after a moment let her hands continue downwards to her waist and rest gently there. At the same time the blonde reached up the locked her arms around the taller girl’s neck, lips still soft against Faith’s.

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