Never less than perfect

A buffy fanfiction i wrote awhile back, it supports the Faith/Buffy ship.

This story is about what could have happened in between the scenes we see on screen in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer tv series.


4. Still "friends"

 After a moment the blonde’s features smoothed and she looked calm, though it was a façade, now Faith really hoped she hadn’t gone too far or their already sometimes tense relationship could be ruined and Faith needed that friendship though she’d never admit it even to herself. “Really, I’m fine; just…I’m fine, great in fact.” Faith knew there’s was something bothering the other girl but decided let it go and smiled, hoping at the same time to disguise the wash of emotion going through her that she didn’t understand. “I hope so, or else I’m losing my touch.” Buffy smiled wryly. “No worries there…but……” “Just say it B. I won’t bite. Hard...” The brunette smirked eying the already faint bite marks on Buffy’s shoulder. The smaller girl rolled her eyes before sucking in a breath then speaking all in a rush. “I don’t want you to take this wrong, but I can’t do a relationship not that you probably want one but I have to say this in case, and anyway…I just can’t and I hope you aren’t wanting that because that would be bad, of course it…  This was good, it was amazing really and I know it might seem I’m all about mating for life and stuff but…Pretend I didn’t say that last bit…What I mean is everyone thinks I get into relationships for the long haul and I do…usually...But now I’m not in the right space for that and I hope you understand because I love you, in a friend-way and I’m pretty sure I’m still straight and I like being your friend and all and I don’t want this to ruin that and…” Faith placed a finger over Buffy’s lips cutting her off; the smaller girl’s eyes were wide and slightly panicked. The brunette removed her finger and leaned it. “Give us a kiss...” She whispered pressing her lips lightly to Buffy’s. The kiss gentle and sweet, Faith pulled away chuckling softly, mightily relieved it was something else that worried Buffy and not her own forwardness.  “B, you really know how to babble I’ll tell you that.” “I’m the queen of babble.” The smaller girl muttered glancing away, cheeks flushing, her fingers tugging nervously at the hem of Faith’s tank top. Faith put a finger under Buffy’s chin and turned her back towards her, the other girl’s hazel eyes were worried. “Are you? No.” The dark haired slayer interrupted. “I understand and of course I’m still you friend, what are friends for if you can’t have a little fun now and then? If commitment was my middle name I probably wouldn’t be here in Sunnydale full stop I’d be far away planning to marry the first guy I ever hooked up with.  I was more worried that you’d want that and B?  You should know me well enough by now; I’m not the “go steady” type.” Faith paused, searching the Buffy’s eyes trying to get her to realize she had nothing to worry about, though her own chest tightened in protest. “This was nice. No. Understatement, it was goddamn awesome but I don’t expect valentine gifts or hand-holding or that kinda crap, so no pressure.”

 Buffy let out a sigh of relief, what with Angel coming back and struggling with her feelings for him she had worried it had all been a mistake and that she would lose the only person on the planet who actually understood her completely, if not all of the time. But there was something contracting her heart painfully at the thought of not…No, it was too confusing to even contemplate right now. She pushed it to the deepest part of her heart and pulled herself together. “Ok, good.” She smiled up at the taller girl then leaned forward one more time, not being able to resist those now slightly swollen lips. The kiss was long and sweet, Faith kept her hands strictly to safer zones though she yearned to let them travel down and between…She forced herself to relax and when they finally parted though they were both smiling. “We should probably get going, Giles will not be pleased.” “We can tell him we discovered a new demon.” Faith suggested pushing back and straightening her clothes, her heart still beating fast; there was something…No. Impossible. Faith pushed it away to the back of her mind. “That’d distract him alright.”  Buffy picked up her hat and dusted it off and they turned to survey the charred demon bones across the alley. Faith sighed contentedly. “What? Happy we killed one measly if somewhat massive demon?” The brunette shook her head. “No, just make-outs that perfect are pretty hard to come by and let’s say it’s been a while. Buffy giggled as they turned towards the cemetery and started walking, completely in step as always. The taller girl raised her eyebrows questioningly. Buffy looked up from under her lashes. “That was pretty perfect.” “Hey girlfriend, we’re the chosen two, we’re never any less than perfect at what we do.”

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