Love or hate?

~sequel to from past to present~
Please read first book before this one.

When love gets split there's nothing you can do but is this love is different?

Kaitie never forgot that day.she never forgot anything but louis thinks different.
When kaitie goes back to Doncaster to see everyone but things between louis and kaitie are different. They end up hating each other but do feelings ever change properly?

Louis hates Kaitie and can't stand to be in the same room. He thinks something bad of her as he knows all of her past and he thinks she thinks of him as every other boy in her past.

So they decide never to see each other until three years later they have to.
Does it stay the same?
Do they change their minds about each other?
Will they love again?
But most of is it love or hate?
Read to find out


7. chapter 7

Louis's p.o.v

I woke up and the boys were all up. Laughing and chatting. Kaitie wasn't there thank god.

"Hey look who's up?!" Niall shouted

"Jesus Niall shut up"

"Sorry mate" he replied

"So you and Kaitie?"Liam asked

"What about us?"

"Last night" has said

"I can't remember a thing what happened?"

"You kissed her and told her you loved her" Zayn said

"Oh shit"

"Don't worry she don't remember either" ni said

"Thank god everyone knows I wouldn't mean it plus she's a bitch"

"Your nice" I heard Kaitie say I turned round

"In gonna get breakfast" she said pissed

"Well done mate" haz said walking into the kitchen

After breakfast we got ready and hit the studio. Everyone was angry with me the whole day because of what happened but it is true she is a bitch she left me to be beaten up I was in hospital for a month because of that and I was actually being nice by calling her a bitch could've called her worse.

That night we got in a massive argument over God knows what. She stormed out and the boys forced me to chase after her it's like they don't know or remember what happened last time I did that but I did anyway.

She was quite a fast runner to be honest but when I had just caught up with her we got grabbed again. Oh fucking brilliant!

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