Love or hate?

~sequel to from past to present~
Please read first book before this one.

When love gets split there's nothing you can do but is this love is different?

Kaitie never forgot that day.she never forgot anything but louis thinks different.
When kaitie goes back to Doncaster to see everyone but things between louis and kaitie are different. They end up hating each other but do feelings ever change properly?

Louis hates Kaitie and can't stand to be in the same room. He thinks something bad of her as he knows all of her past and he thinks she thinks of him as every other boy in her past.

So they decide never to see each other until three years later they have to.
Does it stay the same?
Do they change their minds about each other?
Will they love again?
But most of is it love or hate?
Read to find out


4. chapter 4

Sorry for not updating. I didn't have any ideas. Really really sorry xx

Kaitie's p.o.v

I can't believe this. I have a great career and thanks to Simon I get great job opertniaties but this one is the worst. I mean I get a lot of money but I don't want to work with them and by them I mean louis.

Louis's p.o.v

This is the worst thing ever!!!! Everyone knows how much I hate that bitch. Well not everyone like fans don't but management security the boys little mix and Simon and now I have to spend a year with her and most of that will be on a tour bus. Fun!!!!

Louis's p.o.v

We all went home to the apartment and decided where we are all gonna sleep. There were 2 rooms. They both had three beds in them.

"So this is the plan Zayn Niall and me will sleep in one room and kaitie Harry and louis will sleep in the other ok" Liam said

Great I have to spend every night in a room with that bitch. We all got up and went in our rooms. Harry helped kaitie unpack while I lay on my bed on my phone.

"Aren't you going to help Lou?" Haz asked

"Nah I'll pass"

"Ok. Will you gets us all a drink?" Haz said

"Sure. What you want haz?"

"Coke please"

"What about you bitch?"

"Same please" kaitie asked

"Ok be right back"

I came back from the kitchen with the drinks

"Here you go Harry"


"And bitch that's for you"

"Lou I word please" Harry said and we went outside the room

"Louis why are you being so mean to her"

"Because she's a lying promise breaking bitch that deserves it"

"Louis we're going to be spending the next year"


Then we walked back in.

"You need any help " I asked

"Nah I'm done now"

"Let's watch a movie" haz suggested

"Ok what one?" I asked

"How about human centapeid?" Kaitie suggested

And that's what we did we got popcorn and watch that. I sat next to Kaitie. Maybe I was wrong about her. Maybe I needed to hear her side of the story before being mad and angry at her.

The next morning I woke up before anyone else. I got up and watch tv in the living room. A few minutes later Kaitie walked in.

"Can I sit?" She asked


"What we watching?"



Then it fell silent. That awkward Silence.

That's it for now guys sorry it's not great. Like for more. Tell me what you think will happen

Love kaitie xxxx

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