Love or hate?

~sequel to from past to present~
Please read first book before this one.

When love gets split there's nothing you can do but is this love is different?

Kaitie never forgot that day.she never forgot anything but louis thinks different.
When kaitie goes back to Doncaster to see everyone but things between louis and kaitie are different. They end up hating each other but do feelings ever change properly?

Louis hates Kaitie and can't stand to be in the same room. He thinks something bad of her as he knows all of her past and he thinks she thinks of him as every other boy in her past.

So they decide never to see each other until three years later they have to.
Does it stay the same?
Do they change their minds about each other?
Will they love again?
But most of is it love or hate?
Read to find out


2. chapter 2

Liam's p.o.v

It's the second day since Kaitie came back and wow her and louis hate each other. It seems they can't be in the same room with out arguing with each other. We're all wondering what's gonna happen at the ceremony tomorrow I mean they can't stand each other. It weird how one year changes two people. They did everything together and now they do nothing but argue. This is gonna be hell for the next two weeks.

~the next day~

Niall's p.o.v

Today's the day we graduate. I'm so excited I just hope nothing happens with Kaitie and Louis. I mean arguing. I got up had a shower and got ready. I must say I think I've never looked this smart before. We all got in two cars. One was Zayn Harry louis and in the other was Liam Maddie Kaitie and me. Kaitie was sitting front row. We kept looking at her but half way through the ceremony I looked to my right and saw louis glaring at her. I stomped on his foot hard and he stopped. After the ceremony finished we had a massive house party. The neighbours complained but that was it. Half way through a few of us played dares and Kaitie joined in but the bad thing was Louis and the bitch that hates her,Abbie, joined in.

"Liam I dare you to kiss Maddie" I suggested and he did

"Niall go up and ask that girl to have sex with you" Harry said and Niall didn't come back

"Louis I dare you to kiss Abbie" Harry said and he did it seemed Kaitie got jealous or something

"Abbie I dare you to go up to any guy and whisper something dirty in his ear" Zayn said and Abbie never came back

"Kaitie I dare you to kiss louis" this guy called Alex said we never really liked him and he never liked us.

They looked at each other and then kissed for like a minute and a half. We saw sparks. They are meant to be they just don't realise they are. After they finished Kaitie just legged it and the game ended cause we ran after her.

~the next morning~

There was tension at the table until louis said

"So you got jealous when I kissed Abbie last night"

"No why would I your I dick"

"Not what I heard"

"Well what you heard is bullshit"

"I doubt that your the one who keep secrets"

"Oh my your still upset about that it was a ducking year ago"

"Yes because I spent that year finding out who you really are"

"I don't have to listen to this crap I'm going"

"You stayed for three days it's your personal best"

Then it went silent. This is so upsetting to watch my two best friends arguing like this. Kaitie never came back after that argument. Well until...

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Kaitie xxx

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