Love or hate?

~sequel to from past to present~
Please read first book before this one.

When love gets split there's nothing you can do but is this love is different?

Kaitie never forgot that day.she never forgot anything but louis thinks different.
When kaitie goes back to Doncaster to see everyone but things between louis and kaitie are different. They end up hating each other but do feelings ever change properly?

Louis hates Kaitie and can't stand to be in the same room. He thinks something bad of her as he knows all of her past and he thinks she thinks of him as every other boy in her past.

So they decide never to see each other until three years later they have to.
Does it stay the same?
Do they change their minds about each other?
Will they love again?
But most of is it love or hate?
Read to find out


1. chapter 1

Can u please read the first part to this story first. It's called past to present. It won't make much sense other wise.

Kaitie's p.o.v

I'm going back to Doncaster today mainly to see everyone but also cause I'm getting put back in foster. It's the graduation ceremony in two days and I promised I'd come.

I entered the small village were i grew up. So many memories came back to me. Good and bad. I pulled up next to the house and knocked on the door. Liam answered.

"Hey love come in everyone in the living room" he said and we hugged

"Hey" I said as we walked in I was greater by Niall and Maddie run and screaming and hugging me. Then Harry and Zayn got up and hugged me Then I saw louis sitting on the couch on his phone. Wait what?! Louis.

We went outside and had lunch. After the others cleaned up and washed the plates. It was just me and louis outside. He was on his phone. I decided to talk.

"So how have you been?"

"Why do you care?"

"Cause I love you"

"Are they meaningless words or do you mean it this time?"

"What are you talking about I've always loved you?"

"Oh really cause I thought after you left me with one of your Many many many ex boyfriends I was just like all of them"

"Look louis your not like them I didn't want to leave and I wanted to come find you but I got adopted and no one would let me"

"Suuurrreee I'll pretend to believe you"

Then we left it in silence. At about eight. We all sat down and watched tv. Louis was on one couch with Niall Zayn and Harry. I was on the other with Maddie and Liam. Me and louis kept looking at each other giving dirty looks and stuff till he decide to say.

"So when you gonna ditch us again Kaitie?"

"Oh give it a rest will you" I snapped back

"I was just curious no need to give it all of that"

"Oh really you were just curious were you"

"Yes do you think I'd just start a fight for no reason?"

"Yes I fucking do"

"Ik let's play truth or dare" Zayn suggested and we all agreed

"Ok Niall truth or dare?" Liam asked

"Dare" he replied

"Ok go to a house and ask for a condom"Zayn said and Niall did. He came back with one

"Ok louis truth or dare?" Niall asked


"Call your mum and say you got a girl pregnant"Harry said

We all started sniggering as he told his mum. After a few games it was my go

"Ok Kaitie truth or dare?" Louis said


"Ok when you gonna run away from us again?"Louis asked.

I ran up stares and to my room. Why does louis have to be some ignorant and childish? He's such I dick why did I evan go out with him?

Thoughts on first chapter? Xxx

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