Within my dreams //A.I

Hailey and Ashton are truly in love. That is until Hailey gets in a car crash and doesn't remember anything but her family.

Every night Hailey has a dream about a boy, the same boy over and over. What Hailey doesn't know is that it is her old memories.

What happens when Hailey meets Ashton and the boys again? Will Ashton ever be able to impress her again and get her back? Will she remember?

Copyright to: maddie hood��


12. memories

I woke up slowly, thinking about my dreams the past few nights. I get up out of my bed and see Ashton sleeping on the couch. The boy looks just like Ashton. But I can't bring myself to believe it's Ashton in the dreams. "Hey beautiful." Ashton says. "Hey." "What's the matter?" I look at Ashton. "Nothing it's just...my dreams." Ashton looks confused. "Well was it a bad dream?" "No it was so real. It had a boy in it and he looked just like you. And he took me to the roof of a very tall building. And another one was, we were in the park and we were throwing leaves at each other." Ashton looks amazed.

"Hailey...those are things that we did together when we were dating. The person in your dream was me. It was us as a couple! Your remembering!" I look at him confused. It can't be us. "No! It can't be it's impossible."

Me and Ashton get in the car and drive back to New York. We pull into a hospital.

"C'mon we are gonna see if your remembering." We walk in and tell the doctor about the dreams. She then takes an xray. "So, you may not remember now, but you are remembering through your dreams."

The end

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