Within my dreams //A.I

Hailey and Ashton are truly in love. That is until Hailey gets in a car crash and doesn't remember anything but her family.

Every night Hailey has a dream about a boy, the same boy over and over. What Hailey doesn't know is that it is her old memories.

What happens when Hailey meets Ashton and the boys again? Will Ashton ever be able to impress her again and get her back? Will she remember?

Copyright to: maddie hood��


10. dreams

We sat at school on the lawn near the fountain. He played the acoustic drums. He was the boy from my first dream. They sat playing a song called "gotta get out" it was pretty good.

The boy walked over to me and sat next to me. "Hey." "Hey." He grabbed my hand kissing my forehead. "Come on." He says standing up. He wrapped his arm around me as we walked. "Where are we going." The boy smirked. He started running grabbing my hand. We were now walking on the road. We were soon in front of a huge building. He grabbed my hand as we ran up what seemed to be 4 million stairs. We get to the top of The building and exit out a small door. We are standing on the roof. The sun and clouds were so beautiful, we stand there for a while and look at the gorgeous view.

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