Within my dreams //A.I

Hailey and Ashton are truly in love. That is until Hailey gets in a car crash and doesn't remember anything but her family.

Every night Hailey has a dream about a boy, the same boy over and over. What Hailey doesn't know is that it is her old memories.

What happens when Hailey meets Ashton and the boys again? Will Ashton ever be able to impress her again and get her back? Will she remember?

Copyright to: maddie hood��


3. dreams

We were sitting under a tree in the park. It was in the fall so there were leaves falling. Me and a familiar looking boy sat on a blanket. "I love you so much Hailey." "I love you to." We kiss. He reaches his arm behind him and picks up leaves not breaking the kiss and crumpling them in my hair. I break away. Running around to gather leaves to throw them at the boy. He grabs me by the waist pulling me in and he was going to kiss me and I pushed his chest away. "Oh this means war!" He says. We start to throw leaves at each other. And he pushes me into the freezing pond we were sitting next to. "Oh my god!!" I scream. "Please help me out." I say pouting. He reaches out his arm and I pull him in the freezing cold water.

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