Within my dreams //A.I

Hailey and Ashton are truly in love. That is until Hailey gets in a car crash and doesn't remember anything but her family.

Every night Hailey has a dream about a boy, the same boy over and over. What Hailey doesn't know is that it is her old memories.

What happens when Hailey meets Ashton and the boys again? Will Ashton ever be able to impress her again and get her back? Will she remember?

Copyright to: maddie hood��


8. 8

Ashton's POV

I slid off the tube and looked around for Hailey. I couldn't find her. I start to panic. I go under the 9 feet deep water and found Hailey. She was out cold. I grabbed her waist and pulled her out of the water. I laid her on the floor. She wasn't breathing, I didn't see a life guard anywhere and I didn't know CPR. People start to surround me. "Does anyone know CPR?!" I ask. A boy about 19 years old stepped forward and walked over to Hailey. (Btw Hailey is 18 and Ashton is 20) he kneels down to her chest and checks I her heart is beating. He then starts intertwines his fingers and starts pushing up and down on haileys ribs. He then leans down to her lips and breaths out. Haileys eyes open and she starts breathing. She coughs and sits up. I thank the boy.

Haileys POV

I look up and I see a very attractive boy. He was probably about my age and 6 feet tall. I stand up and thank him. "Your welcome. I'm sure your boyfriend was relieved." "He's not my boyfriend. He's my best friend." "I'm Dylan." "I'm Hailey." Ashton stood there awkwardly. "Well I'll see you around." Dylan said and walked off.

"Oh please don't tell me you liked him!" Ashton says. "Well, he was cute and sweet but I don't even know him so it's not like we could ever date anyway." "C'mon let's head back to the hotel."

Ashton and I drove back to the hotel. When I got in side I bumped into someone. "Oh my god I'm so sorry. I'm such a klutz!" I say looking up. It was Dylan.

Authors note: hey hope you liked it so far!!! Updating soon. Idk when tho probably tomorrow. 😘

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