Within my dreams //A.I

Hailey and Ashton are truly in love. That is until Hailey gets in a car crash and doesn't remember anything but her family.

Every night Hailey has a dream about a boy, the same boy over and over. What Hailey doesn't know is that it is her old memories.

What happens when Hailey meets Ashton and the boys again? Will Ashton ever be able to impress her again and get her back? Will she remember?

Copyright to: maddie hood��


7. 5:30

"Come on!" Ashton yelled holding out his hand. "Where are we going?" I ask standing up. "Just come on!" Ashton grabs my hand and starts running. We get back to the car and start driving.

We arrive at a water park and we park the car and we start running into the gates. Ashton pays and he grabs my hand running towards the biggest water slide there was there. "Ashton you didn't have to take me here!" I shout. "Yes I did! Now come on I want to be first!" He whined. We got in line and Ashton pretended to be mad at me because we stopped running forwards the slide. I punch Ashton's arm. "Suck it up. It's just a slide." Ashton looks offended "this is not JUST a slide. It's THE water slide." It was mine and Ashton's turn to go down. We get a tube from the top of the stairs and sit down we begin to move forward slowly. Then, we quickly start to move from side to side. When it was over I fell off the tube and into the water. When I fell i hit my head on the side of the pool. Everything went black.

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