Brothers best friend

Bella is meeting her brothers band for the first time. But will the redhead guitarist steal her heart before the others?


5. will you be my girlfriend Bella?

Bella's POV

Me, luke and michael all walked home in silence. When we got back though michael pulled me to one side while luke went back with Calum and Ashton to watch the movie.

"Bella, I have liked you ever since I layed eyes on you, so would you like to be my girlfriend?" He asked hopefully.

I nodded immediately and he wrapped his arms around my waist bringing her closer to me while I had my arms wrapped around his shoulders.

Michael's POV

As she nodded, I pulled her in for a kiss by pulling her closer by her waist as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders.

"Should we go back with luke, Ashton and Calum?" She asked, pulling away. I just nodded and we walked back into the sitting room holding hands.


Just a little filler chapter. I'll try and post one every day.

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