Brothers best friend

Bella is meeting her brothers band for the first time. But will the redhead guitarist steal her heart before the others?


11. I moved on part 2

Bella's POV

We all settled down in the sitting room and started watching frozen...DONT JUDGE!

All the way through, michael was watching me instead of the movie. I get that he may be jealous but he kinda deserves it for kissing my friend the day after he asked me out.

Michael's POV

Just as I was walking through the hall into the sitting room, I saw Bella kissing another guy.

They stopped and walked into the next room and I noticed that she was now going out with THE Cameron Dallas.

I couldn't concentrate on the film at all as I couldn't stop looking at Bella and cameron. All I kept thinking was 'if I had pushed Jade away..that could be me'

Sorry for not updating but here's another chapter. I'll not be writing as much for the next few weeks because I'll be back in school.

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