Brothers best friend

Bella is meeting her brothers band for the first time. But will the redhead guitarist steal her heart before the others?


13. how could you…again

Bella's POV

I hadn't heard from cam for a few days, which is strange as he always called me. Anyway, luke came in and asked me if I wanted to go shopping with them (which I obviously agreed to).

When we got there, we decided we would shop on the 1st floor first, get something to eat then go on the second floor.

We went to american apparel, vans, jack and jones, super dry and doc martens then went and ate at taco bell.

As we all sat down, I noticed can was sat with another girl on the other side of the food court...kissing her! The boys followed my gaze and stiffened up. Before I could stop them, they were over there yelling at I realise just how much michael cared about me.

Michael's POV

As we sat down to eat, I noticed Bella was staring in the same direction for a few minutes with a look of hurt in her eyes. I followed her gaze and saw cameron sucking the face off another girl…she wasn't anywhere near as beautiful as Bella. I nudged luke, Calum and Ashton and pointed I where they were staring, and by the time Bella had turned around we were already over there yelling at him for going behind Bella's back. I would never do that to her. I just wished she'd believed I didn't kiss Jade.

Bella's POV

I went after the boys and stared at cameron with tears in my eyes. "How could you?" I choked out.

"Bella, just let me exp-" I cut him off .

"Yeah yeah, I've heard it all before. It's not what it looks like. She came on to me. We'll guess what cameron. I couldn't care less what you do anymore… were done!" I screamed.

Now I know just how good michael was for me…we were made for eachother.

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