Brothers best friend

Bella is meeting her brothers band for the first time. But will the redhead guitarist steal her heart before the others?


3. hi, I'm michael…

Bellas POV

'Everyone, this is Bella' luke announced breaking the silence.

All of them turned to face me so I went up to my room and listened to green day.

After I'd listened to all of their songs, I walked downstairs and heard all of them talking whilst watching paranormal activity.

'Hey luke! Your sister is hot' michael whispered.

'Stay away from her' Luke said back through clenched teeth.

I'd had enough of listening and I really wanted to watch the film anyway so I walked into the sitting room and sat down between Luke and michael.

Michael's POV

About halfway through the movie, Bella walked in and sat between me and luke. I saw him glare at me as she sat down and mouthed 'don't you dare!'

As the movie got scarier, Bella would curl up more and more and by the end of the film, she was lying on my chest and my arm was around her. 'Hi, I'm michael' I whispered to her.

'Im Bella' she giggled.

Bella's POV

After the film ended, luke turned on the light and saw me and michael together. He immediately told me to go to my room, so I ran upstairs and packed my bags. 'I can't take this anymore'

Sorry it's been a while guys, I'll be posting more on 27 th dec. xxx

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