Brothers best friend

Bella is meeting her brothers band for the first time. But will the redhead guitarist steal her heart before the others?


14. another chance?

Michael's POV

When we got back home, Bella went upto her room and slammed the door.

I went over to Luke and asked him if I could ask Bella out again. Which he said yes to because he had got Jade to tell him that she kissed me.

I went upstairs and saw Bella lying on her bed with her face in her pillow, crying.

"Bella I know your upset about what happened with cameron but I want you to know that I have never stopped loving you" I said as she lifted her head from the pillow.

"I never stopped loving you either" she choked out.

"Does that mean you'll give me another chance?"


Another cliffhanger 😂 I'll update this later x

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