princess of blood

Toni founds out a secret that no one on planet earth knew except Transylvania. 5 princes want Toni and her 3 BFF's
what will happen
who will steal the girl's heart?
will explain in story a few things


1. Welcome home princess!

                              Chapter 1 "Welcome home Princess!"


Toni P.O.V

"Toni are you okay?" Sophie asked and also looking very worried at the same time I did't want to worry her.

"Yeah,yeah perfectly fine.." I lied and she knew that "Shit how does she know me so well?" I thought and still with my lying face.

"You think I don't know my BFF? what up GUURLFRIEND?"

I chuckled and went sad again..

"Anna and Leah are also like me we are worried about you T!"

Sophie was always trying to help me get haappy again :)

"Ok,I will tell only when the girls are here!"

I started to feel like myself again and then i looked up at my ceiling and saw eyes.. RED eyes.........

Liam P.O.V

"Fuck I think she saw me!" I thought and I was reading her mind 

and by her I mean the soon to be queen of Transylvania and she does not know. "well,well isn't Liam having a sneak peak at my soon to be Queen?"

A voice said as I turned I saw a smirk and it was Zayn the prince of the Flame. I was Air so I was stronger than him.

"don't you mean MY Queen ,Zayn?" I smiled and went back at reading to Toni's mind.  

Toni P.O.V

"tell us we are all here!" Leah screamed and all looking worried again!

"stop being worried okay?!" I yelled at them and told them the story.


J=jack(brother) M=Mum D=Dad T- me

T-so we are in a Limo with all of our family can you believe it Jack? 

J- No I can't

T- why?

J- yes i can you idiot wanna know why BC we are on our way to the official thanksgiving of the Cherington's! And guess what?

T- what?

J- Your a cheringto---



"So then I woke up in hospital and realised my family were ...

Gone" After that i ran up to my room and started to cry again and sobbing my heart out. "Everyone I loved is dead all I have is my BFF's.." I whispered to myself still crying.

Zayn P.O.V

"why do I have to do watching duty over the Princess with Liam?!"

I thought and wondered "why is this girl crying even when her fake family is dead?" And notified that Liam was reading my mind.

"She doesn't know her real family idiot!" Liam mind-talked to me.

"shut up Liam i forgot and just wait until tomorrow to take her and her so called "friends".


Hi guys that new story i was thinking of doing!

Here it is 

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thanks for all the support and fans!

love annadimi123 xoxo




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