princess of blood

Toni founds out a secret that no one on planet earth knew except Transylvania. 5 princes want Toni and her 3 BFF's
what will happen
who will steal the girl's heart?
will explain in story a few things



Toni P.O.V

We walked in and saw people wearing capes and there was this one guy on a throne and was staring at me!

"STOP STARING!" I yelled at everyone and they obeyed me.

"ummmm" Leah was looking like she didn't know anything and she was right to have that face.

That one guy came to me and I went and ran behind still not woken Sophie and Anna.

"Don't Be afraid Toni,dear. He said in a vampire accent

" the fuck do you know my name?! 2. who the fuck are these people?!??" I went to stand next to Leah to just signal her we will be fine cuz she was shaking like hell!

"ahh,just like your mother." Then finally Anna woke up followed by Sophie.I brought back my weird "teeth" just to try and shake them off our tails.

"Oh,you got your fangs a bit early!" He had a smirk.

I signalled the girls to run ..NOW!

I was panting after 5 min and I stopped for just a few secs and no one was behind me."oh Shit....." I saw 3 figures "HELL TO THE NO YOU ARE CATCHING ME!!" I heard a voice behind me "then why did I just catch you?" the "person" took me bridal style. I was squirming to run away but no use. In a few secs I was in the hall AGAIN!

"THANKS A LOT TONI! Anna being sarcastic and we got in argue


"No you!" just then the guy stopped us.

"all of you shut up!" his eyes were blood red.

"WHO SAYS YOUR IN CHARGE MISTER!" I was pissed and wanted to go home.

The person who was carrying me dropped me.

"SHH,princess you need to be quiet!

":0"........"WHAT NOW?!?!?"



Cliffhanger!! so tell me if you like it or yeah!

:) xoxxo see you later my princess's and princes  



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