princess of blood

Toni founds out a secret that no one on planet earth knew except Transylvania. 5 princes want Toni and her 3 BFF's
what will happen
who will steal the girl's heart?
will explain in story a few things


11. The supper Pt.3



Toni P.O.V

"But I don't wanna!" I moaned like a 4 year old wanting to watch her fave TV program!

"TONIII!" Sophie moaned and gave me a death glare

"DAD!" I yelled into the hall because i knew he was watching me just then i felt a quick wind pass me.

"Yes Antonia?" He said in a very vampire accent

"I told you call me Toni!" I screamed at him

"Ok,ok what do you want Toni?"  he asked while giving me a glare.

"1. Don't give me glares 2. DO I HAVE TOO DO THIS??!" I screamed 

"Yes darling it is in the vampire history!" Just then he left me with a gust of wind blowing all over my face.

"LOL look at Toni guys!" Leah pointed to me 

"Pfft,Pfft SHUT UP CHARLOTTE!" I gave a smirk and went on walking to the hall with the table in and when we arrived there was blood on every plate.

"Umm,Hello I am still human ya know??" The servant took the blood away and replaced it with pizza.

"ME TOO YA KNOW!" Sophie screamed and also her plate had pizza.

We started eating and the guys eyes were on sophie and I and i could not take it no more.

"Why ya staring at me?? and sophie?" i gave an eyebrow 

"Oh it is just intresting how an human eats!" so called Louis said with a smirk


P: Guys and Girls may you choose a partner please!

"OK MR PRESENTER I AM GETTING A LITTLE PISSED IF THIS IS ANOTHER DANCE!" My eyes went blood red and my fangs came out

"Kevin you betta run outta here!" Niall whispered  

P: You have to have a ball room dance with a price but dracula will choose for you who you are gonna dance with!
"DAD GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW!" within a second he appeared

"Ok so i wrote it down here Kevin" He spoke and then Gone!

P: Okay so this is it

1. Louis and Leah

2. Liam and Sophie

3. Harry and Toni

Just then my jaw dropped NO NO NO NO "Why????" i went on my knees and saw a shadow on the roof with a sigh and it said"He is good Darling trust me"  

4. Anna and Liam

5. Lily and Niall 


just then slow music began and we had to go to our partner and guess who i got the curly haired dude!

"My name is not curly haired dude it is harry!"  

"Eh like I care." I spoke like he was a peasent

he was staring at me and was hypnotizing me and luckily the dance ended and i quickly snapped out of it!




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