princess of blood

Toni founds out a secret that no one on planet earth knew except Transylvania. 5 princes want Toni and her 3 BFF's
what will happen
who will steal the girl's heart?
will explain in story a few things


6. The royal Ball!

YOLO! hey guys i can't wait for you peps anymore!! so here it is 

Chapter 6 "the royal ball!" ENJOY! :D

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mature Content!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Toni P.O.V

"Nooo!!!" I screamed and was pale for today was sunday A.K.A today is the royal ball!

"Why are you moaning we are gonna find our princes!" Anna was supppper and totally happy and was waiting for this day since last week when we were kidnapped

"Is there a mall here?" Sophie looked at me with puppy eyes and was asking me to mindtalk my so called dad and ask him to rent ALL the malls of Transylvania just for us AND HE SAID YES!

The gang were jumping and FUCKING HAPPY!?

what the hell are wrong with these people??


"OMG this is toets mine!" she pointed to a pink dress(she was sooo girly) and was the only blonde in the group(NO offence to the blondes!)

now to miss.Anna who bought a really blue dress 

Leah had a dark purple dress witch suited her really well! 

Now me well i did not now until i saw this orange neon colour dress that i fell in love with ..




And now was the ball and now are calling us down!!

God i am fucking scared!!

Presenter; first up is Miss.Sophie

I heard  a lot of whistles

P: Now. Miss anna

More whistles

P: Miss. Leah

A lot of whistles and then it went dead quiet


P: AND FINALLY the princess Toni!

I was walking down red eyes on me everywhere!

I sat next to My girls on the thrones and the prestenter explained to us everything

One thing he said caught my attention "that we have to dance a sexy dance"?!??!?

And for this 5 Lucky guys will be chosen randomly out of the jar by us

Anna went first and she got .....

P: Louis Tomlinson!

Leah went next and got........

Harry Styles

Sophie was next and got.......

Niall Horan!

I was up and i had to chose 2!

P: Miss Toni had gotten

Liam Payne and Zayn Malik 


I was reading a mag

the top Boyband of all time is 

One direction !


Liam payne

Zayn Malik

Niall Horan

Harry Styles 

Louis Tomlinson


P: now for the song! And it is was requested by Sophie "Booty" by J LO and Pitbull

Please go and change princess's!

"Sophie are you mad or mad?!?!" i yelled

"nope i am not

Part 1 next is part 2 

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