princess of blood

Toni founds out a secret that no one on planet earth knew except Transylvania. 5 princes want Toni and her 3 BFF's
what will happen
who will steal the girl's heart?
will explain in story a few things



Harry P.O.V

'Damn i was so close!" I mumbled when she left and I could not take my eyes of her

"Mate,come on!" Niall shouted and we walked to the limo sat and talked

"Soo how was it Harry?" Zayn smirked and poked his finger on my cheek

"She was so beautiful and she dance's like no one is watching


I looked at my phone and it was paul and we have to preform tomorrow and the princess's will be there.

"Guys good news the princess's will be at our concert tomorrow!"

"NOO! I don't wanna preform tomorrow but at least they will be their!" Louis screamed in my ear

"Not in the ear Lou!" I screamed back at him and we went home

Toni P.O.V

"Why did you ask my dad for tickets!?" I yelled at Anna and was trying to hold the anger

"Hehe,They were hot...." She faked smiled and ran her vampire speed

"Your lucky you have vampire powers!" I screamed into the hall where she ran off to

She came back and we all went to bed and discussed witch movie to watch.

"So the choice's are...... High School Musical or Bridesmaids!"

The girls went in to huddle.

"Put your hands up for High School Musical?" not even one hand came up

"Bridesmaids?" 4 hands up and it was agreed!

Louis P.O.V

all the lads were in their rooms and I had nothing to do I had an idea but harry said no but... Where is Harry he ain't no boss of me!

I ran to the castle and went outside the princess's room and they were watching something I don't know what they are called

But anyway I went invisible so they could not see me and went in to the room sitting next to the girl i danced with Leah she was super nice and funny i like her 


I just realised that Toni was not so feisty she was actually and was smiling the whole time and laughing but when I looked at Leah I knew she was my mate Because the moment i met her i felt a spark.

I was about to leave but then Sophie bumped into me and I was not invisible any more

"OH SHIT....." I mumbled    

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