Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


18. Why I Love You

Calums POV:

I sigh as I wake up. Mia lays there beside me, curled up in a ball from the cold. I move the blanket up to cover her up and her body slowly relaxes. I pull her close and stuff my neck in the crook of her neck. "Wakey wakey." I whisper.

She groans and mocks me. "Wakey wakey my ass."

I laugh. I love how she hates mornings. "Well then." I say sarcastically and start to pull away.

"No." She mumbles and pulls me closer. I smile and kiss her forehead as she drifts back to sleep in my arms.


Mia's POV:

I move my arm across the bunk to find Calum. I groan as I realize that he's not there. I quickly fix my hair and jump down out of the bunk in sweat pants and a tank top. I walk into the lounge after I get a cup of coffee.

"Finally decide to get up?" Eve asks as soon as I walk in.

"Isn't it still morning?" I ask. I thought Calum woke me up like really early.

"Nope, it's one in the afternoon." Zayn says as he finishes his game.

I sigh and sit down next to Calum and Eve. "Feel any better today?" Luke asks.

"Yeah." I nod. "Did Calum tell you?"

Luke nods. "He tells me everything, we're having a secret affair. That's how close we are Mia. I'm sorry."

I laugh and Calum punches Luke. I smile as I look up at the TV. Catching Fire is playing. My like favorite movie. "I don't understand why she leaves him." Louis says.

I immediately stare at him with my death stare. "You would of found out if you read the books. Shush."

Louis just continues to watch the movie and Calum laughs silently. I punch him and he quiets down. He knows how much I love this movie and how dedicated I am to it.

Tears fall from my eyes as the movie ends and Calum wraps his arms around me. "It's okay." He whispers.

"Are you okay? It's just a movie." Nial says concerned.

"She's obsessed with the books and the movies. This happens every time she reads the book again or watches the movie again. She should stop soon." Calum answers for me.

Nial just nods and soon I'm over my crying episode.


"What's your favorite thing in the world?" Calum whispers as we sit in our bunk on the bus with the curtains closed like always. "Other than me." He smirks.

I giggle softly. "Your kisses." Other than Calum, his kisses are my favorite thing. His kisses are soft but then really hard and passionate. His soft kisses in the morning always make me happy.

Calum smiles. "My favorite thing, other than you, is your smile." I giggle. "See there it is!"

I giggle more and Calum pulls me into his lap as he chuckles. His soft lips placing a kiss on the back of my neck. My body relaxes and his arms wrap around me and his hands play with mine. Calum rests his head on my shoulder and stares down at our hands. His hands find my bracelets and he slowly takes them off. Calum kisses each scar and clasps my hands in his.

"You know what I also love about you Mia?" Calum whispers. "You think these scars that you made will make me love you less. That they make me hate your body and not like you. But Mia, none of that is true. Not one single bit. I love you so god damn much Mia. Your scars don't change that. I love your body for how it is and I love you for how you are. And I don't care what other people think about you. Your perfect to me, and that's all that matters."

Sorry I haven't posted lately!! A lot of stuff has been going on! I hope you like this short chapter. I'll write a long one soon!

Love you allxx


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