Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


21. Twitter

Mia's POV:

I groan as the bright sun stings my eyes. I roll over to look at the clock. 8am. I sigh and turn over to look at Calum. He's sound asleep and I don't want to wake him. I softly kiss his cheek and walk out of the room. I tie my hair up in a bun and make myself a cup of coffee. The warmth of the mug fills my hands.

I wrap myself in a blanket as I sit on the couch and watch the news. I scroll through twitter on my phone. Just then I see a picture, a girl with short blonde hair. Her eyes closed and her lips pursed like she's kissing someone, and she is. Calum is there, his eyes wide open as he's bent down kissing the side of her lip.

All I can do is stare. How, just how can he do this. All the promises we've made. Him telling me that he cares. But no, all of it is torn apart.

I slowly read through the comments. 'Is Calum cheeting on Mia?' 'Finally a better girl than that bitch' 'This is a mistake, a total accident.'

Tears fall from my eyes as I fall appart. I sob as I curl up in a ball on the couch. "Mia?" I hear a soft voice whisper. "What's wrong?" It's Calum.

"Did you seriously think I wouldn't find out?" I yell, throwing my phone at him. "How could you?"

I sob as I storm up the stairs and into the bathroom. I can't fucking believe him. "Mia!" Calum yells. Before I can lock the door he storms in and I sink to the floor, crying.

"Mia, listen to me." He whispers as he shuts the door and comes down in front of me.

"No." I shake my head as I hug my knees.

"Mia, the girl in the picture, I agreed to kiss her cheek and then she turned her head and I ended up kissing the side of her lip." Calum explains. "It was an accident, I didn't mean it." He whispers.

I look up at him. Tears are forming in his eyes. Even though he means it I'm still mad at him. "And you didn't even think of telling me when you got back?" I yell. "You didn't even mention anything about it, not once. Do you know how much this breaks me Calum? How fucking worthless and unloved I feel right now?"

"Im sorry." He whispers. "But Mia, I fucking love you to death. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you. I just thought that it would blow over. I know I'm a dick and an idiot for not telling you and I'm so fucking sorry." A tear falls from Calums eye and I just sit there and stare at him.

Calum slowly comes closer and let's my legs rest on his lap. He wipes my tears away with his thumb and he holds my hands. "I know I made a stupid and horrible mistake but just please, dear god Mia please don't do it again." He begs as he looks down at my wrists. His thumb skimming over a scar.

"I won't." I whisper. Calum slightly smiles and kisses me softly. I slowly release from the kiss. "Just let me be alone for a while, okay?" I say as I stand up.

Calum nods and I slowly make my way back to our room. I just sit there and stare at the wall. Occasionally flipping through the channels on the TV. I mainly just cry, and eventually cry myself back to sleep.


I look at the clock and realize that it's now 12. I should go downstairs, but I don't want to. I sigh as I get up and go into the bathroom to take a shower. I start to think about earlier.

I know that what happened was a mistake, but I just wish that Calum would of told me as soon as he got home. By his expression in the picture I can tell he didn't mean to do it and that the kiss didn't mean anything.

I quickly get out of the shower and comb out my hair. I leave it down and put on a pair of skinny jeans and my green day shirt. I slowly walk downstairs and into the kitchen. Eve is there making coffee. "Can you make me a cup too?" I ask.

Eve nods. "You okay? I saw the tweets on twitter."

"No." I admit. "I mean I know it was all an accident but I just wish he would of told me when he got back."

"Girl, if that happened with Michael I would be the same way." Eve says as she hands me my coffee.

I smile but then it falls. "I can't believe we got into a fight." I whisper.

Eve sighs and I walk out of the kitchen. I glance over at the living room. Luke sits there with Michael and Ashton as they watch a movie. "Luke, where's Calum?" I ask.

"My room. Mia, you have some shit to fix he's fucking lost." Luke explains as Michael nods.

I nod and walk upstairs to Luke's room with my coffee. I knock on the door softly. "Come in." Calum says tiredly.

I slowly walk in. Calum just sits there, scrolling through his phone, looking lost as ever. "I love you." He whispers as he looks up at me.

I smile. Knowing that we both forgave each other just makes me want to kiss him. "I love you too." I whisper. I sit next to him and lean my head on his shoulder.

"I've been yelling at them on twitter." Calum explains as he shows me on his phone. "I'm so sorry." He whispers.

"The next time you say your sorry I'm going to yell at you again." I say. "But I forgive you."

"Sorry." Calum smirks.

"Calum!" I warn. Calum just laughs and pulls me into his arms. He sets my coffee on the night stand and wraps his arms tightly around me. I wrap mine around his neck and kiss him pasioniately. Calums hands slowly make their way up my shirt and they rest on my hips. His thumbs rub circles on them. I run my hands through Calums hair and he kisses down my neck. A soft moan escapes my lips and Calum kisses me again.

Calum then releases from the kiss. "I love you so god damn much." He whispers against my forhead.

I smile and kiss him again. "And I love you so god damn much too." Calum smiles and slides his hand up my shirt, slowly so it tickles. I laugh, "Calum! That tickles."

"How about now?" He asks as he lays me down and sits on my legs as he tickles my sides. I nod and uncontrollably laugh.

Calum laughs and stops tickling me. "Let's go downstairs, I'm starving." I say. Calum nods and we both go downstairs.

"Mia!" Emily yells. "Why the hell were you yelling this morning? You woke me up and mom got mad at me!"

I laugh and then sigh. "Calum accidently kissed a fan and I thought he meant it but he didn't so it's all okay now." I explain.

Emily nods while my aunt comes over with burgers. "Well eat up children, I made lunch." My aunt says as she sets them on the table.

We all laugh and sit at the table and eat. "What time is the concert tomorrow?" Eve asks.

"Six, we have to be there at five though." Ashton answers.

"Right after we have to get on the plane though. We have to go to LA." Luke says.

I nod and take a sip of my water. "Can you take me to go see Granpa and Gran after lunch? Eve can come with along with Emily and the guys can go do something." I ask my aunt.

She nods. "I was planning on doing that anyway."

I smile and we all finish lunch. Eve and Emily get ready as I quickly do my makeup and put on a beanie. I stand in front of the mirror in the guest room as Calum comes up behind me. His arms wrap around my waist and they rest on my stomach as he holds me tight. He softly kisses the back of my neck, making me smile.

"Perfect." Calum whispers.

I smile and intertwine our fingers together as I turn around. I slowly kiss him. "I love you." I whisper against his lips.

"Love you more." He smirks. I giggle and he kisses my cheek. "Go visit your family, I'll be here with the guys."

I smile and nod. I walk down stairs to find Eve, Emily, and my aunt ready to go. My aunt drives us to my grandparents house and as soon as we get there I jog to the door. Without even knocking I walk in.

"Mia!" My grandma yells and hugs me. My grandpa comes out and hugs me too.

"Mia we've missed you so much." My grandpa says. I smile at him as he sits down on the couch.

"I've missed you guys too." I say as Eve and Emily and my aunt walk in. "By the way, this is Eve, the girl I talked about all the time when I was little." I say as I point to Eve.

"It's so nice to meet you." My grandma says as she smiles at her. Eve smiles back and my Granpa does the same.

"So let me get this straight, you and Eve are on tour with that band from your town I hear about on the news?" My grandma asks. "Five minutes of summer?"

"5 Seconds Of Summer, Mom." My aunt corrects her as she gets a water from the kitchen.

I laugh and nod. "Yeah, well they are on tour with One Direction and since Eve is dating Michael and I'm dating Calum, their manager decided that we could go and here we are." I explain.

My grandma smiles. "So how long will you be here?" She asks.

"Until five tomorrow." Eve says. "We have to go to LA after the concert tomorrow."

"At least we got to see you guys." My Granpa says.

I nod and smile. We all talk for a while until we have to go. I love that I was able to see my family again. I told my dad about it and he was so happy.

It's great being on tour with the guys and Eve. But sometimes it sucks because your not home. And I really miss being home.

Like the long chapter? I do. Their all gonna be home soon!! Love you all xx


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