Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


43. Tourture.

Mia's POV:

"Are you coming to the show?" Calum asks. "I'm sure the fans miss you." He smiles.

"Yeah, I'm going." I smile. "I just don't want to go to all of them like I did last year." I say as I finish straightening my hair.

"Why?" He asks. "You're not a burden there." He says, I watch as he puts his shirt on.

"I know, I just want to look around while I'm in different places since I'm not here the full tour." I explain. I run my fingers through my hair and put on a beanie. I watch as Calum comes over to me and wraps his arms around my waist. I stare up into his eyes and he smiles down at me.

"Is there anything wrong?" He asks.

I shake my head. "I'm just worried because of college. I won't see you for four months and-"

"Mia, it's going to be okay." Calum cuts me off. "I promise you, nothing is going to take me away from you."


"Mia," Calum says. He leans down and kisses me slowly. "I love you."

"I love you too." I whisper.


I smile as I watch them perform from back stage. "Can you believe how far they've came?" Eve asks as she hands me a bottle of water.

"It's hard to believe it isn't it?" I say as I take sip of the water. Calum looks over and smiles, so does Michael. "Are you going to see the fans?" I ask.

Eve nods. "Yeah, Michael told me that you don't want to go to every show like last year?"

"Well, we're only going to be on tour for two months and we might not be able to go on any other ones so I just want to see what I can. I'll be going to most of the shows though." I explain as I walk back into the dressing room with Eve.

Eve nods and we both wait until the guys come back into the dressing room. "That was the best show I've ever played." Ashton says as he walks through the door.

Calum smiles once he sees me and throws me over his shoulder. "Calum!" I yell as he runs out of the dressing room. I hit his back as he runs down the hall and I see Niall.

Calum finally jogs back to the dressing room. I groan as I hit the floor from wiggling out of Calums grip. Calum laughs as he helps me up. "Shut up." I groan. Calum smiles and kisses me.


After meeting the fans we head back to the hotel. Calum pulls me into his chest as we walk into our room. I sigh as I fall on to the bed and close my eyes. "That show was awesome." Luke says as he walk in the room.

"I almost fell." Calum says. I laugh into my pillow. "That's not funny, what if I broke my leg?"

"I could torture you." I smirk.

"Oh my god." Luke rolls his eyes and goes into the bathroom to change.

Calum smiles and kisses me softly. "I'd love it if you tortured me." He whispers and goes into the bathroom after Luke to change.

😏😏😏😏😏😏 Love you allxx


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