Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


17. The Pool.

Mia's POV:

I feel something soft and warm on my forehead as my eyes flutter open. I smile once I see Calum laying back down from kissing my forehead. "Morning beautiful." He whispers.

I smile. "Morning."

"How's your school work?" He asks.

"You sound like my mother. She used to always ask me shit like that." I say, laughing. "I'm done with my math, half way with language arts." I say.

Calum laughs. "Okay."

I slowly get out of bed and change into pajamas in the bathroom. I tie my hair up in a bun and jump on Calum when I'm done. I lay on my back over his stomach and let my feet dangle over the bed. "I want milk." I say.

"Go ask Ashton you know him." Calum says.

"Come with me, I bet he's still sleeping." I whisper.

I silently jog out of the room with Calum behind me. I open Ashton's door a little and see that he's sleeping. I quickly run into the kitchen and poor the rest of the milk in a mug.

"You sneaky little bitch." Eve says as she walks out of her room laughing.

I laugh. "My specialty. I'm making hot coco out of this is Ashton likes it or not." I say as I put the mug in the microwave and grab coco mix.

"If I like what or not?" Ashton yawns as he walks out into the small kitchen.

"That Mia is gonna make hot coco with the last of the milk." Calum says as he sits on the stoll at the island.

"Calum!" I yell.

"I saved that milk for you on purpose Mia. Calm down." Ashton says.

"You still should of gave me milk the other day." I say as I finish making my hot coco. Ashton just rolls his eyes and I go back into my room to call my dad.

"Hey, how's the tour?" He answers.

"Great, I met the fans with Calum yesterday, my beanie got stuck in some girls hair, Luke thought he got bit in the face by some girl, Eve crushed my legs. Yeah it was a good day yesterday." I explain while my dad just laughs.

"Sounds awesome sweetie, well I have to get back to work, love you."

"Oh yeah! I forgot we're in different time zones. Love you too bye." I say as I hang up the phone.

Calum comes into the room with a bowl of Cheerios. He sits down beside me and kisses my cheek. "We should go in the pool today." Calum says as he points through the window. "It's made only for this room."

"Calum, you know I can't let the rest of the guys find out." I mumble. "Eve already knows."

"They're going to find out sooner or later." Calum says as he finishes his Cheerios. I move closer to him and he wraps his arm around me.

"Fine" I whisper.

Calum smiles and kisses me softly. "I'll go tell the guys we're going swimming. Do you want Eve in here?" He asks.

I nod and he goes out to get Eve. I here him scream her name and her yelling back at him. I laugh and Eve comes into the room. "I swear to god Calums going to get punched if you like it or not."

I laugh. "We're going in the pool outside today."

"What about your, scars?" She asks.

I sigh. "They will find out sooner or later, mize well be now."

Eve nods and grabs one of my baithing suits I brought. "I'm wearing this one, get yours." She says.

I nod and get my blue strapless bikini top and my black bikini bottoms. I go into the bathroom after Eve and change into them. I stare down at my scars. Do I really want to show them? I ignore the thought and take off my bracelets, one by one setting them in my bag in the bedroom. I realize the Eve left.

Calum comes in and smiles. "Sexy." He says. I laugh and he takes my hand. He places a soft kiss on each scar. "I love you." He whispers.

He really cares. He doesn't care that the scars are on my body forever. He cares about me and why I did it. And by this I know he doesn't ever want me to do it again.

"I love you too." I smile.

Calum smiles and takes me out into the living room and outside to the pool. Luke, Ashton, and Michael all turn around, noticing Calum and I walking outside.

Luke turns wide eyed as he sees my side and theighs. Ashton and Michael become wide eyed also.

"Oh my god. Mia what the hell happened to you?"

Don't you just love my cliff hangers?

So today I stapled my hand at school. It was all the way down in like almost the middle of my hand under neath my ring finger. Yeah it SUCKED!!

But I got it out going through a shit load of pain but I'm fine now!

Love you allxx


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