Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


2. The Mall

Mia POV:

I wake up with my head on Calum’s arm. My pillow fell on the floor last night so I must of used his arm. I look over to see Calum channel surfing on the t.v. “Goodmorning.” He says once he sees me turn over. I smile as he kisses the top of my head.

“Morning,” I say. “What time is it?”


“Eleven? Shit, my dads going to be home in a hour.” I say as I jump out of bed and fix my clothes. I quickly put on my beanie and grab my phone. My dad is going to kill me if he finds out that I'm dating someone three years older than me.

“Want me to drive you?” Calum asks as he gets out of bed.

I nod and we both go downstairs. I quickly put on my shoes and get into to Calum’s car. I open my phone to recieve a text from Eve.

Eve- Where are you?? Do I need to come get you?

I text her back, telling her that I’m on my way. Calum then drives off. “Is your dad going to be mad?” He asks.

I shake my head. “No, I just have to be home before him.” I say as we pull into my driveway. “I’ll text you.” I smile.

“Okay,” He whispers and kisses my cheek. I giggle and blush. I then walk into my house to see Eve in the living room watching t.v.

“How’d it go?” Eve asks me with big eyes and a smirk on her face.

“Great, we went to the amusement park downtown, and then back to his place.” I explain.

“Oooooo… His place???”

I blush and look down at my lap. “We didn’t do anything, except that he asked me to be his girlfriend, and that we kissed after that.”

Eve squeals and I laugh. Just then my dad walks in with a smile on his face. “I’m Home!!” He yells. I laugh and give him a big hug. “How was your birthday?” he asks me.

“Uh.. I just spent it with Eve, we ordered pizza and ice cream.” I say, hoping he will buy it.

“Great.” He says with a smile. “Well you and Eve can go out.”

Eve cheers. “LETS GO SHOPPING” she yells.

I roll my eyes. “Lets go get ready then.” I say as I jog upstairs into my room. I change in my bathroom into a pair of short, high waisted jean shorts. I then put on a purple tank-top and tuck it into my shorts. I comb out my hair and tie it up into a bun. I walk out of the bathroom to see Eve ready.

We both head out to her car and she drives us to the mall. “Lets go to Foot Locker first.” I say. “I need a new pair of sneakers.”

We walk into Foot Locker and the first thing I see is Calum.

Calum POV:

“Here you go.” I say to a lady, about in her 40’s, and hand her a pair of navy blue flats.

She smiles at me and nods. I turn around to see her, Mia.

A smile forms my lips as she jogs over to me, her friend following behind her. “What the hell Mia, you don’t just go run-” Eve, I think her name was, says and then she stops behind Mia, realizing that I’m here. “Ohhhh.”

I laugh and Mia blushes and laughs, she’s so cute when she blushes. Eve walks over to the heel section and I smile down at Mia. “May I help you with anything?” I ask.

Mia giggles and guides me to the sneaker section. “Will you help me look for a pair thats nice?” She asks with a smile.

I smile back at her and nod. I follow her into the sneaker section and she picks out a black pair of Adidas shoes. They look perfect on her. “How about these?” Mia asks me as she walks back and forth in them.

“They look perfect on you.” I say and she looks down at them, smiling. “I get out at eight, wanna do something later with my friends?” I ask.

“Sure, can um Eve come though? My dad will think something is wrong if I’m not with her.” She says.

I smile and nod. “Of course, I’ll text you later and tell you where we are.”

“Great, bye.” Mia says as she hugs me tightly.

“Bye,” I say as I kiss her lips softly. She blushes and then walks away.


Mia POV:

I sit on the end of my bed while Eve lays on it scrolling through her phone. “So we’re hanging out with his friends later? Where are we going?” She asks.

“I don’t know. Its seven, he should text soon, calm down.” I say.

“Oh for gods sake, give me your damn phone.” Eve says as she rips my phone from my hand.

“What are you doing?!?!” I ask as she puts it up to her ear.

“Hey Calum its Eve, where are we going tonight?” She asks.

“Eve I told you that he would text us!!!!” I scream and jump on her back.

“Mia shut up!” She yells. “Oh okay, see you then with Mia.” She says into the phone and then hangs it up. “We’re going out to Applebees, you have to wear something nice.”

“But I hate dresses.” I groan as I stand up.

I walk into my closet and look through my few dresses. Well its more like about three dresses. One is really sparkly, it was the one I wore to my mom’s and dad’s wedding. I keep it because it reminds me of her. She died about a year after the wedding in a car accident. Which happened about two years ago.

Anyways, I also have a long, blue dress that my aunt got me. I absolutely hate the dress. I then find my last dress. Its black and has straps. Its kind of like a tank-top at the top that has a matching skirt, but its connected. I like this dress. I pick it out and put it on. I also put on a pair of black stilettos and leave my hair down. I put on some nude eyeshadow and some mascara, I want to keep it simple.

I walk out of the bathroom to see Eve fully dressed. She is in a navy blue strapless dress, that has black lace around the edges. Her blonde hair is down also with her soft, long curls. She smiles at me. “You know, you can pull off anything.”

I roll my eyes. “You look way better than me, we should go now.” I say as I look at the clock.

Eve nods and we go out to her car. We tell my dad that we are just having a girls night with our other girl friends. Eve drives to the Applebees and I see Calums BMW already there. I smile once I see it and we walk inside. I see Calum at a large round table with a blonde hair boy. His hair is in a quiff and he has bright blue eyes. He laughs at another boy with bright green hair. And then there is another guy, his hair is brown and is curly. He wears a bandana that seems to tie off what he's wearing. I see Calum smile as he notices me and Eve walking towards them. Calum comes up to me and kisses my cheek.

“Hey,” He whispers softly.

“Hey,” I say.

He smiles and turns to the rest of the boys. “Okay, this is Luke, Michael, and Ashton.” He says as he points to the boy with the quiff first, then the boy with the green hair, and then the one with the bandana. “And guys, this is Eve and Mia. And don’t get your hopes up, Mia is mine.”

“Aww, come on man!” Luke says. Calum glares at him. “Dude I was kidding!” He says as he puts his arms up. I laugh and sit down next to Eve and Calum.

“So what are we going to order?” Michael asks. “I really want pizza.”

“You and your damn pizza.” Ashton says.

“But I like it!” Michael whines and I laugh.

“Why don’t we order one of those like extra extra large pizzas for all of us?” Eve asks.

“PERFECT IDEA!” Michael says.

Everyone agrees with Eve and after about 15 minutes of waiting the pizza arrives. I take a slice and Calum steals a bite of it. “Calum.” I glare at him.

“You just crossed the line man.” Luke says to Calum.

I bite my lip from laughing and Calum just smirks at me. I look at Eve and see that she is blushing. Why is she blushing? Is there a cute guy? I look around to find that Michael is staring at her. I smile and elbow her in the side. She laughs at me and we all continue to eat our pizza.

After about another hour of talking and laughing we all decide to go to Calums house. I sit in the car with Eve and Michael. Michael sits in the back, giving Eve directions to Calums house. I look at them, just the way they look at each other I can tell that they like each other.

Sooner or later we end up at Calums house and I walk inside. Calum lays sprawled out on the couch in a t-shirt and his jeans. I laugh as I see him and I sit on the floor in front of him, leaning my head on his legs. “What do you wanna do?” Luke asks.

“Movie? And then crash here?” Ashton suggests.

I agree and then text my dad.

I’m spending the night at Eve’s house.

“I’ll go make the popcorn,” Michael says. He then leaves the room and Calum removes his legs from behind my back.

“Hey!” I whine, feeling the hard couch now. “Your legs are comfy!”

Calum laughs and starts to play with my hair. He stuffs his legs back behind my back and I smile. Just then Michael comes out with three huge bowls of popcorn. He gives on to Calum and I, Luke and Ashton, and then he sits next to Eve so they can share a bowl. “What movie are we watching?” Michael asks.

“Lets watch the Conjuring.” Eve says.

I glare at her. She knows that I hate scary movies. Eve just smirks back at me and Ashton puts in the movie. I get up from the floor and sit on the couch with Calum. He looks at me with a worried look on his face.

“I just don’t like scary movies.” I whisper so only he can hear.

“Its okay, i’m here.” He whispers as he wraps his arms around me from behind. I smile and breathe in his smell. He smells like mint and soap. It relaxes me. I curl up in his chest and he lays his head in the crook of my neck. We both watch the movie like this, as close as we could be.

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