Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


1. The Guy.

Mia POV:

The stars are like glitter. The spaces glitter. I lie there on the grass, my headphones in my ears that blast Sleeping With Sirens and Nirvana. Why did she even take me tonight? To that stupid club with fake ID’s. “It’s your birthday.” She said. “You will have fun.” She said. I can’t believe that I went with her.

If you didn’t you wouldn’t have met him.

My mind says. Its right. I wouldn’t have. Calum. Black, short hair with a black beanie. His beautiful, oh my god, amazing brown eyes. His full lips. Tall, strong body. I close my eyes, thinking about him.

I’m awaken by a tap on my shoulder. “Hey,” Eve says to me. “Sorry about tonight, I thought you would have fun.”

“Its fine, and I did have fun.” I say. “I met a guy.” I whisper.

“A guy!?! Mia finally met a guy? After fifteen years!” She yells.

I laugh. “Calum.” I whisper as I stare at my phone. “I gave him my number and he gave me his.”

“Call him!”

Just then my phone vibrates. ‘Calum’ it reads. I smile and answer it, running inside of the house. “Hello?” I answer.

“Hey, its Calum.” He says shyly.

“Hey,” I say.

“So, I.. I was wondering, maybe you would like to hang out with me sometime? Maybe tomorrow?” He asks.

“I would love that.” I answer. I feel like I can feel his smile through the phone.

“Great, I’ll pick you up around two tomorrow?”

“Okay.” I say and we both say our goodbyes and I scream for Eve to come inside. She barges through my bedroom door. “He asked me out on a date!” I scream.

Eve squeals and hugs me to death. “We have to get you ready tomorrow. I’m totally spending the night. What time is it tomorrow?” She asks as she starts to make her bed on the floor.

“Two,” I say.

“Its one! We gotta get some sleep. In 13 hours he will be here.” Eve says.

I laugh and curl up in my bed. I can’t wait for tomorrow. I hold my phone in my hands and look at my messages.

Calum- Goodnight, can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

I Immediately text back- I can’t sleep, too excited.

Calum- Haha, Night.

I smile- Night.


“WAKE YOUR SLEEPY ASS UP! ITS TWELVE!” Eve screams in my ear as I wake up.

“Holly shit! Make me food while I jump in the shower.” I say.

Eve walks back downstairs and I take a nice warm shower. After the shower I put on a black pair of skinny jeans, and my grey Nirvana shirt. I leave my hair down in my long, brown curls with blonde highlights. I put on a black beanie that says ‘love’ on it and put on some nude eyeshadow and eyeliner with mascara. Lastly I put on some black combat boots. I look at the clock and see that its 1:15. I walk down stairs and eat the toast that Eve made me.

“Where is my dad anyway?” I ask.

“He went on his business trip remember? He won’t be back until noon tomorrow.” She explains.

“You know, this is why I love having you around.” I say. Eve laughs and sits in front of me, scrolling through her phone.

“By the way. I’m still going to stay here tonight, even if your not home so I can pick you up in the morning before your dad gets home. Since i’m supposed to stay all weekend.” She says.

It makes sense, I can’t drive because I’m not 16 yet. Eve is a year older than me, unlike Calum, who is three years older than me, making him 18. I nod at her and then I hear a knock on the door. Eve squeals and I rush to the door. I take a deep breath before I open the door. Calum is in his tight jeans and a black t-shirt that shows his muscles. His hair in a dark grey beanie.

“Hi,” I say.

He looks up at me with a smile on his beautiful face. His dark brown eyes staring into mine and his small dimples. He’s just perfect.

“Hi,” He copies me. I smile. “Ready?” He asks.

I nod and just then Eve comes over my shoulder. “Holly shit Mia.” She says.

“Eve!” I yell at her and push her away. She laughs behind me and Calum laughs. “Bye Eve.” I say.

Calum and I walk outside into his Black BMW. “I love your beanie.” Calum says as he starts the engine.

I giggle. “Thank you, so where are we going?” I ask.

“The amusement park.” Calum says.

“But i’m afraid of heights.”

“Well you will be with me, beautiful.” He smiles.

I smile and he turns on the radio. He just called me beautiful. I blush and stare out of the window. We listen to the radio all the way there. Sooner or later we end up at the amusement park. I can feel the butterflies of nervousness inside of my belly. Calum pays for our wristbands and we start to walk around. “What do you wanna go on first?” He asks.

“Ferris wheel? So I can get over my fear?” I ask.

Calum smiles and takes my hand. He jogs with me over to the ferris wheel and I laugh. When we get on my nervousness is gaining more and more. “Calum.” I whisper.

“Its okay.” He says gently and sits closer to me. He wraps his arms around me and I smile. He picks me up and sets me on his lap and I giggle.

“Romance hu?” I ask.

Calum blushes and so do I. “See, its better.” He says.

“Yeah, I guess it is.” I say with a smile. I squeeze his hand and we start to talk about random things.

“What’s your full name?” He asks me.

“Mia Grace Lane.” I say.

“Beautiful.” He whispers in my ear.

“What’s yours?” I ask.

“Calum Thomas Hood” He says.

I smile and then we get off the ride. We ride a few more roller-coasters until the sun begins to set. “What do you wanna do now?” Calum asks me.

“I don’t know.” I say.

Calum comes closer to me by the car and stares down into my eyes. I get lost in his eyes and a smile forms his lips, making dimples. I can’t help but smile. He bends down and his lips brush against my cheek. He kisses my cheek softly and I blush, more than ever.

“My place?” He asks. “My parents went away for the weekend.”

I smile and nod. Calum smiles and opens my door for me and I get inside and buckle up. Calum does the same and starts to drive to his house. I stare out the window the whole time as the radio goes through the speakers.

“We’re here.” Calum says as he pulls into the driveway.

I smile and stare at the house. Its big. I open my door and fix my beanie as I follow him inside. I kick off my shoes by the door and follow Calum into his bedroom. I look around. He has a queen sized bed in the middle of the room, a flat screen t.v on the wall in front of the bed, a bass guitar in one corner and band posters all over his walls.

“Sorry for the mess.” He says as he kicks the few pairs of jeans and shirts into a corner. I laugh. “When parents are gone, you really don’t clean.” I laugh again and sit down on his bed.

“Mhm.” I say. Calum laughs and sits down next to me on his bed. Just then I get lost in his eyes again. The next thing I know Calum’s lips are crashed against mine and they move in sync. This kiss isn’t like any other kiss. Not sloppy, not awkward. Its perfect. Its like fireworks are between us, lighting the spark. I smile in between the kisses and I place my hands on his chest. I feel his muscles and then pull my hands away and release from the kiss.

“Whats wrong?” He asks, softly.

“I.. I’ve never done it before.” I whisper and stare down at the bed. I can’t believe that I just said that.

“Shh.. look at me.” Calum whispers and lifts my chin up. “Its okay, I wasn’t planning on going that far anyway.” He smiles. “Don’t be scared.”

I smile and wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him. “Will you be my girlfriend?” He whispers against my lips.

“Of course.” I whisper.

Calum smiles and picks me up. He throws me over his shoulder and carries me around the room and shuts off the lights. I laugh as he throws me back onto the bed. He hovers over me and I stare into his eyes that sparkle in the moonlight, like the stars.

“Its okay that you spend the night right?” Calum asks.

I nod with a smile. “Yeah.”

Calum smiles and kisses me slowly but hardly. My hands wrap around his neck and I feel his slide down my sides. We both release from the kiss with smiles on our faces. Calum lays down next to me and his arms wrap around my waist and he pulls me close.

“Goodnight Mia.” He whispers against my neck.

“Goodnight Calum.” I whisper.

And with that I fall asleep in his arms.

Sorry This chapter sucks. I hope you all like my story though. I'll be posting daily if I can. Love you all.

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