Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


12. Thank You.

Mia POV:

I hear a slight knock on my bedroom door. I'm curled up under the blankets, trying to fall back asleep from waking up too early. I hear footsteps come up beside the bed and I feel the bed dip beside me. The fresh, minty scent I smell tells me that it's Calum. Calums finger removes a stran of hair from my face. He slowly leans down and plants a soft kiss on my cheek. "I love you Mia, no matter what happends." Calum whispers against my cheek.

My eyes flutter open and Calum smiles. "Morning beautiful." He whispers.

"Morning." I smile.

"I know it's early but I really need to tell you something." He whispers as he sits in front of me.

I nod and sit up. He takes my hands and I see that he's worried. "Calum, is everything okay?" I ask.

"No, Mia it isn't. One Direction wants us to go on tour with them and Jack really wants us to go. So does Luke and Ashton. I want to go but I can't not be with you-" Calum trails off. His eyes are full of tears. I bite my lip to stop mine from forming. "I can't not be with you for six months Mia. And your school is starting and I know how hard it is for you. I need you too, when I'm not with you I'm lost. I can't go on this tour."

The tears are streaming down my face. I want Calum to go on this tour, I don't want to be the one holding him back from his dreams. But I don't want to loose him either. "I want you to go." I whisper. "But I don't want you to leave."

"Maybe somehow you can come with, you can study there! And Eve can come since she's still in school with you and since she's dating Michael." Calum smiles with hope filled eyes.

"My dad would never say yes." I mumble.

"What about me?" My dad says as he walks through the door.

Calum turns around. "Can Mia come on tour with the band and Eve? She can study while were on tour with Eve. Please?" Calum pleads.

"Calum," I whisper.

He ignores me and my dad looks like he's thinking. "How long?" He asks.

"Six months, worldwide tour." Calum says.

I stare down at my hands, getting ready for my dad to say no and that I have to go to school. "Yes, but Calum, I'm really trusting you with her. If anything happens on this tour it's all on you."

Calum nods and I smile and hop out of bed. I run over to my dad and hug him. "Thank you dad. Thank you thank you!"

"When do you have to leave?" He asks.

"Three weeks." Calum says.

"I'll call the school and have them give Mia all of the work in her binders next week." My dad states.

I nod with a smile and then my dad leaves, shutting the door. "You're going on tour with me!" Calum yells and pulls me into a tight hug.

I laugh. I honestly can't believe that I'm going to go around the world for six months with Calum, Eve and the rest of the band. Including One Direction. "So Eve is going right?" I ask.

Calum nods and I smile. "You know what we can do in every country?" Calum whispers as he lays me on the bed and hovers over top of me.

"What's that?" I whisper.

"This." He whispers. Calum kisses me pasioniately and sets his hands on my sides. His hips start to move up and down as he playfully grinds on me. I laugh and push him off, knowing what he's saying.

"Your an idiot." I say as I turn to face him.

"I'm your idiot." He says.

I smile and kiss his cheek. I smile at how happy he is that I'm going with him on tour. How his eyes are full of excitement, how he can't wait to go.

"What are we gonna do on this tour?" I ask.

"Well, you will be backstage as we play before One Direction does. And after we play I will kiss you in front of everyone, the fans, the reporters, so everyone knows that we are a couple. And then we will go out to eat and back to the hotel rooms. Then you'll sleep in the small bed with me and we will cuddle all night long. And then we can screw around with the band in the morning because Ashton argues on who drank all the milk. And then we can screw around when we go sight seeing." Calum explains. I laugh and hold his hand.

"You promise that will all happen?" I ask.

"I promise." Calum smiles.


"So we have to still so school work on this tour?" Eve wines.

I nod. "It's not gonna be that bad." I say.

"But still. School sucks! Now we have to take it all over the world?" She yells.

I roll my eyes and laugh. "You always find a flaw."

Eve glares at me and just then Calum comes into my room."Nine pm snack is served mah lady and Michaels lady." He says in a French accent as he brings in a big bowl of popcorn and three apples.

"Popcorn and apples?" I ask. "Nice combination."

"Well we have to have something healthy." Calum says as he lays down beside me on my bed.

"Popcorn is actually healthy for you, but we got too much shit on it it's not considered healthy at all." Eve explains.

I laugh. "When's Michael coming?"

"Should be here soon, he's late to everything you know." Eve says.

I nod and continue to look through twitter on my laptop. Calum steals my laptop and starts to type. "Calum!" I yell. Calum just smirks and hands my laptop back to me. I look to see that he posted a tweet. "Hanging out with @Calum5SOS we're getting fat on popcorn and apples! Love you xx"

I punch Calum in the arm and Eve laughs once she's sees the tweet. Calum lays his head on my shoulder and watches me scroll through my notifications since they blew up because Calum was tagged in the post. I've gotten 20 more followers in the matter of like 3 seconds and I start to scroll through the comments. I stop at one. "Calum isn't right for you. Your ugly. He deserves way better."

I freeze and Calum clicks it away. "I swear to god these people are going to die." Michael says as he slams open my bedroom door. "Yeah I saw the tweet." He says. "And I saw the comments."

I slowly nod, still thinking about the hate I've gotten in the matter of five seconds. "Mia," Calum whispers. "It's going to be okay, I have to deal with this hate too, so does Eve, Michael, Luke, and Ashton." Calum explains.

At least I'm not the only one who has to deal with it but it will still effect me. At least I'll have other people who understand this time. I nod. "At least I have you guys that understand."

Everyone smiles. "Now let's hog up on some popcorn and apples." Calum yells while handing me an apple.

I laugh and sit between his legs as Michael and Eve sit in front of us on my bed. "Hey Mia, by any chance do you have an xbox in here?" Michael asks.

"Yeah, it's in the cuboard on the TV stand over-" I say and then Michael cuts me off.

"Dude! FIFA?" Michael asks Calum.

"FIFA." Calum answers.

I look at Eve. What are they doing? I blink and then Calum and Michael are setting up the xbox and quickly come back on the bed. Me in Calums lap with his arms around me and the xbox controller in his hand and Eve in Michaels lap, the same way.

Michael logs into his account and Calum and him start to play FIFA. I watch Calums fingers as they move the sticks in the controller and as he presses the buttons, stumbling for some. After a round of them playing Michael cheers and Calum drops the controler on my lap and stuffs his face in the crook of my neck.

I laugh softly. "Poor baby." I say.

"Oh shush." Calum says. "Michael two out of three. Now."

Michael accepts and they start to play again. Calum wins the next round but Michael wins the last. Calum sighs and kisses my cheek softly. "Your hair is distracting me, it smells like vanilla." He whispers so only I can here.

I giggle and blush down at my lap. I look over at Eve an see that her and Michael are making out. Calum must do the same because he laughs. "Michael! Your going to eat her face off!" Calum yells.

Michael immediately laughs and Eve blushes down at her lap. I laugh and turn off the xbox. Calum kicks Michael and Eve off of the bed and onto the bed Eve made of millions of blankets on the floor before Michael came.

I sigh as I lay down on the bed. Today has been a great day. I get to go on tour with Calum and the rest of the band, along with Eve. I can't wait until we get to go.

"Let's go to bed." Eve whines as she curls up on the bed she made.

I reach over and shut off the lights. "Then sleep." I say.

Eve laughs slightly and I curl up into Calums chest under the blankets. "I love you." Calum whispers so only I can hear.

"I love you too." I whisper.

"I can't wait until we can go on tour. It's going to be amazing with you."

I smile. It is going to be amazing. "I know." I whisper. "I can't wait." I whisper.

Calums lips skim against mine and he kisses me softly and slowly. His hand slides down my side and my leg. "Don't eat her face up there." Michael mumbles from his pillow.

I laugh against Calums lips but he continues to kiss me. "I'll do want ever I want." Calum says.

Michael laughs and so does Eve. Calum kisses my cheek and pulls me close. "Goodnight." I whisper.

"Goodnight." He whispers.

His soft lips plant a kiss on my neck and with that, I slowly drift off to sleep.

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