Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


41. Telling Him.

Important A/N at the end 💞

Mia's POV:

I don't know how I'm going to tell Calum. I have to tell him today. I was accepted into an amazing college so I can get my degree in music with my violin. I already have all the stuff to go. Calum would be so proud and would want me to go. But I don't want to be away from Calum again for six months. Even if I can go for the first two months, it still would he four months without him.

"Mia?" Calum says as he walks into my room. "What's so important?"

I bite my lip and hold out the acceptance letter so I don't have to talk. Calum takes the letter and smiles once he starts reading it. "You were accepted?" He asks. "Mia, this is amazing!" Calum smiles brightly.

"But, tour starts in a week." I say as I bring my pillow in my lap.

"You can still come for the first two months." He says. "Listen, tour was going to turn out like this eventually." Calum says as he sits in front of me on the bed. "I don't like it either but we'll figure out a way to deal with it. We can't let our careers tear us apart."

Calum holds my hand tightly and smiles at me. "We're both getting what we want in life, it's all we could ask for."

I smile. Calum can make me happy no matter what happens. "The college is near by," I whisper. "It's the one a couple miles from here."

Calum smiles. "That's great, I don't have to worry about not seeing you while I'm not on tour." I smile and Calum pulls me into his lap. "I love you." He whispers against my hair. "I know you're still a little upset, but we'll make this work."

I smile and look up at Calum. "Thank you." I whisper. Calum kisses me softly. "When do we have to leave for tour?" I ask.

"Friday, I forget where we're flying to." Calum laughs. "Does Eve know about your college?"

"Yeah," I nod. "She was accepted to the one a little bit further than mine." I say. "She was planning on telling Michael today."

Calum nods as his phone rings. I look over to see it's Michael and he answers it. "Yes she's here- she told me- Michael, they have to leave for college- Dude! It's not that far away!" Calum says to Michael.

I laugh and take Calums phone. "Michael, Eves school is only twenty miles away, you can easily get there in a half hour. Mine is only ten miles away. We can all make it work when you guys are away for the four months on tour." I explain.

"The tour is six months." Michael states.

"We're going for the first two before college starts." I say.

"Oh.." Michael says. "You two better do well in scho-"

I roll my eyes and hang up on Michael. Calum starts to laugh. "Michael doesn't understand things enough." He laughs. I laugh and hand Calum back his phone.


"Mia, can you come here?" Katie asks from downstairs. I jog downstairs to see Katie with a letter in her hands. "We have everything we need for your college right?" She asks.

I nod. "We have all the books and I have my violin and I've already packed a few boxes to bring for my dorm." I say. I have to share my dorm with a girl named Violet. I've texted her a few times, she's really nice.

"You're leaving Friday right?" Katie asks. I nod. "I'm going to miss you." She playfully frowns.

"I'll miss you too, and Jace, but you two can be alone for the next two months, and not worry about me or be bothered by my complaining." I laugh.

Katie laughs. "Well go off, do whatever, you're already annoying." I laugh and roll my eyes as I walk away.

I jog back upstairs to find Calum laying on my bed. I lay down beside him and he smiles. "What do you wanna do?" He asks.

"Lay here." I mumble against my pillow. I feel Calums hand trail down to my side. He slowly starts to tickle me and I squirm. "Calum!" I giggle. I catch his hands and kiss him slowly. Calum makes the kiss more passionate and pulls me over top of him. "Katie's downstairs." I mumble against his lips.

"We can be quiet." Calum chuckles. I giggle and sit on his lap as he straightens his back against the headboard of my bed. "Do you wanna talk about college?" He asks.

"I'm gonna miss you when I have to go." I whisper. "It's gonna be hell without you, like it was in January."

"I know." Calum sighs. "We made it through that though and in college you'll have your classes and be occupied all day. I'll keep all my promises." He explains.

"I'll keep all mine." I whisper. "I love you."

Calum smiles. "I love you too."

I'm honestly thinking of putting this on hold or deleting it. What do you guys think? I really need to know if you guys like it. Love you allxx


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